JULY 2001

Unfortunately David Rovics who was scheduled to appear will not be touring UK during July as he was unable to book enough gigs to make the trip viable, we hope to be able fit Dave in on his next tour.


Tuesday 17th July 2001

An acoustic duo who perform stunning original songs, they haven't looked back since the release of their superb debut album of original songs entitled 'By The Skin Of Our Teeth' in '97. Now four years after that release they have a great new CD due out at the end of May 2001, aptly entitled 'Matter Of Time'. Singer songwriter Dave Wilson is known for his excellent and emotive songs which have featured prominently in the annual Lincolnshire Folk Song Competitions since their inauguration in the early 90's ('My Country, My County My Home' / 'Yellowbelly Man' / 'Dream Of A Working Man' ~ placed 2nd song in 1999) , recently Vin Garbutt has included Dave's song 'Storm Around Tumbledown' in his repertoire, bringing Dave's songwriting skills to a wider audience. The duo perform mostly original songs in true singer-songwriter style, songs full of emotion, songs which paint pictures of life and times. Dave plays acoustic guitar and sings, whilst Kip Winter Wilson provides stunning vocals & harmonies, whilst Dave plays acoustic guitar, some harmonica and sings on some songs including 'Bound By Pride'. For more information check out the Winter Wilson website.

Tickets £3.50