TUES. 11th FEB. 2003 (doors 8pm / start 8.30pm approx.)

Tickets £4 (acc. children U16 free) ~ tel 01526 343989 for further info

Liam Robinson & Thomas Fairbairn are an exciting young duo who constantly push back boundaries of their instruments creating truly breathtaking & beautiful work, influenced by music from around the world. Their varied repertoire includes traditional material from Europe & N. America, swing jazz and many self penned pieces. Liam has appeared at the club on several occasions as guest musician with visiting artists, including Suzy Martell. He's been playing accordion for a number of years in folk dance & ceilidh bands, including The Little Band. He has a big interest in squeeze box music from around the world, another passion is improvisation which led to a collaboration with students from Leeds College Of Music in the band Internationale, whose EP received airplay on European radio stations & interest as far afield as the USA.

Thomas is an amazing young fiddle player from Manchester, a master of the violin with a great knowledge of many styles. Still in his late teens, he has already been a member of the Fosbrooks group from Stockport, and helping with teaching there. In a move that those knowledgeable in folk traditions might compare to 'taking coals to Newcastle' he recently taught a Shetland fiddle group, they went on to win 1st prize in a highland fiddle competition. His command of the fiddle & the maturity of his approach are amazing but even more impressive is his natural feel for the music he plays, be it from Scottish, Irish or American Appalachian traditions or jazz styles.

Liam and Thomas will also be joined by some special guest musicians during the evening, tickets for the concert will be available on the door.