QUICKSILVER (Hilary Spencer & Grant Baynham)

THU 23 SEP 2004

After appearing regularly on BBC 1's 'That's Life' Grant Baynham became a household name. A formidable guitarist and songwriter, Grant has an energy and enthusiasm which create a high powered performance of material from virtually every genre you can imagine!

He also has one of the quirkiest senses of humour on the scene. Is it possible to be formidable and hilarious at the same time? With Grant anything can happen ~ and it usually does.

Hilary Spencer has one of the most staggering voices in British acoustic music. Most fans will know it well from her work with top trio Artisan. She draws her songs from almost everywhere, wowing audiences with her style and sincerity as she sings traditional ballads, comic songs and contemporary classics with equal relish. "Hilary Spencer's voice is worth crossing deserts and mountains to hear" (Steve Edge - organiser Rouge Folk Club, Vancouver BC)