THU 18 MAR 2004

Dutch duo playing acoustic country / old time music

We welcome back A.G. & Kate, they were the first act to appear at the Heart Of Lincolnshire Club back in 2000 and they are perhaps are the main reason for the club's continued exisitance, as they were booked to play at the Coningsby Folk, Roots & Blues Club a year in advance due to their touring plans. In the meantime a change of venue was needed and with one booking to fulfil the club had to find a new venue rather than close its doors!

Since 1972, A.G. & Kate have organised many things and travelled many miles. It all started when Johnny Cash came to Holland with his show in 1972, and inspired them to start their own music career.

They also run their own Grand Ole Opry in Ryen, Holland and continue to have shows there on a regular basis.

They have organised tours with American and British artists, like the Bailes Brothers, George Hamilton IV, Patsy Montana, Lonnie Glosson, Wade Mainer, etc and did recording with some of those artists as well.

2002 and 2003 saw the release of two CD's with George Hamilton IV, called 'Take Me Home In Song' Vol 1 and 2. This year they hope to release a CD with recordings they did with the Bailes Brothers in 1984, celebrating the 20th anniversary of this musicial liason.

Over the years they have performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Ernest Tubbs' Midnight Jambouree and Fan Fair (also in Nashville), at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View (AR) and at several Bluegrass Festivals across the USA. They have appeared on a number of TV shows too.

In Britain, A.G. & Kate have appeared at the Wembley and Peterborough Festivals and in many clubs, churches, schools and over the past 10 years in many prisons.

During the 1980's they became acquainted with the Wesley Hymns, while doing a tour in the Shetland Islands. They started concentrating on those hymns, and recorded 10 albums with Wesley Hymns, performed on guitars, and other instruments. In the late 80's, when they started programmes in prisons, they were asked by the chaplins to play a mixture of music, so that more people would be reached.

Since then they have taken their concerts to many prisons, both in the UK (40 every year) and USA (over 100 every year). In those concerts they bring joy to the forgotten and reach thousands with the gospel of love.

Concerts such as this one at the Heart Of Lincolnshire help in a small way to fund A.G. & Kate's important mission that can change lives, so your support is vital.

A.G. & Kate perform old time country music on traditional mountain instruments, A.G. plays the guitar and autoharp, whilst Kate plays guitar, five string banjo and a mountain dulcimer presented to the duo by a prisoner in an American Jail who makes the instruments himself, a skill learned whilst in captivity. Both sing.

Over the years they have released 3 mini LP's, 13 LP's (incl. 2 double albums), 23 cassettes and 7 CD's. They have published several books with collections of Wesley hymns and publish a quarterly magazine in Holland called 'Country & Gospel Music In That Old Tradition' (in Dutch) and a quarterly newsletter in English, that goes out to the supporters of their prison ministry. In addition A.G. & Kate present a weekly radio programme on local radio station in Holland and they present a two-weekly radio programme for Allegheny Mountain Radio in West Virginia, which is broadcast on 4 different stations in Virginia and West Virginia.

Already 2004 promises to be as busy as the past 2 years, with almost 230 programmes on their schedule, in Holland, England and USA, and once again we are very pleased to be able bring A.G. & Kate to Woodhall Spa.

The duo play a wide range of music based on the American old time tradition, including bluegrass, old time country, American folk, gospel and even the occasional modern country song from the likes of Steve Earle. If you love music played in a traditional style and with real feeling, make sure you don't miss A.G. & Kate's performance at the club on Thursday 18th March 2004.

For more info visit the A.G. & Kate website.

more details to follow