An Easter Special at the Eagle Lodge Hotel, if you're a regular at the Heart Of Lincolnshire FR & B Club, you'll know Tim who has helped us out with the sound / lights, etc on occasions ~ if you're not a regular at the club, here is something a little different! You can dance the night away to the scintillating rhythms or enjoy the songs of Trufflefoot, 'Melty and delicate' this 7 piece band play a fusion of jazz, funk, blues and world roots music with a modernist feel. Their sets are a mix of rhythmic swing tunes that will inexorably towards the dance floor, original songs performed in great style by Corrine and Tim, and some covers. Corrine also plays sax & keyboards, alongside Jim (drums - who also performs with Akmed's Camel) and Rob (bass) are the band's driving rhythm 'machine', whilst Sean (guitars / bass / vocals), Bob (keyboards) and Rick (fiddle / vocals) lay down the river of melodies that run through Trufflefoot's music. The band are a blend of youth and experience, most members being in their 20's, their music having a wide appeal. Trufflefoot play mainly in clubs, travelling as far afield as London to perform - their is however a rare opportunity to see the band performing at a venue closer to home on Good Friday.

Tickets available on the door or bookable in advance priced £5.00 - tel 01526 343989 or email for details