We close our 2003-2004 season at the Heart Of Lincolnshire Club with one of the most talked about acts who appeared at our club in 2003.

Our guests The Swampnobs are a duo from Lancashire whose intriguing background has led to columns in a national newspaper, a magazine article and an appearance on Richard & Judy's Show earlier this year.

One of the duo, Galen was a well respected school headmaster before quitting his job due to the ever increasing pressures of cost cutting, league tables, etc which meant that the paperwork was a priority over the actual teaching. He decided to do what he had always wanted to do, that was the play music, have a good time and ... oh! ... dye his hair!

Dr Pete is a remarkable bass player, who takes his playing to a whole new level, still only around 20 years old he is already tipped to become "really big" by Cliff Stocker of Slack Alice.

Forming the duo, they play acoustic blues & roots, don't expect their music to be highbrow, they take other people's songs and perform them in their own way, adding a large dollop of humour along the way. They released their debut CD 'The Toilets Are Massive' in 2003, which features such gems as 'Fat Man's Lament', 'Healer Not The Dealer Blues' and 'Groundhog'. A follow up album is on its way in 2004.

They also write their own original songs much in the same vein. Whilst they aren't too well known (yet!) in the UK, outside of their home county of Lancashire, they are major stars in South Korea!

For one couple we spoke at a gig in Scunthorpe to who attended 2003 Burnley Festival and fringe events, the Swampnobs were one of their favourite acts of the weekend.

Their music has a goodtime feel, their bawdy barroom humour adds an extra dimension to their act. They will also be launching their new album at the club.