Delightful duo featuring Jay Turner originally from UK & his lovely Australian wife Cath Mundy. Two talented songwriters, Mundy-Turner's live performances feature their original songs, accompanied by Jay's guitar and Cath's fiddle & keyboards. Their songs are often triggered from news items, recalling the modern sometimes distressing world we all live in. Their a capella song, the first they composed together, 'Little Birds' written after reading an article about North Eastern Brazil, entitled 'The Women Who Have Learnt Not To Cry' is especially touching. The couple spent a number of years in the Australian town of Cairns meeting up with Nigel Pegrum the former Steeleye Span drummer, he features on their albums, as both drummer, engineer and producer. Autumn 2000 sees the duo touring the UK to promote their new CD 'Naked' featuring 14 original songs with only a few bits subtle percussion from Nigel, the album is basically just the two of them. The previous album by the duo 'Highlife' features a number of guest musicians playing a variety of instruments, including didgeridoo & even some brass. They have also released 'The Sun Sessions' - all albums are available via the Mundy-Turner website. E-Mail Newsletters regarding Cath & Jay's latest news, tours etc can be obtained by e-mailing Sue McKoy their mailing list manager. Cath & Jay love receiving e-mails from fans email them at: