THU 4 MAR 2004

This will be Ron's first appearance at a Lincolnshire folk club, its often hard to convey to potential audiences just what to expect from an artist whom many are unfamilar with. The first thing that struck us was Ron's wonderful voice, rich toned that one could listen to all night, similar at times to Pete Morton.

Next are songs that have familar themes, work, dirty old towns, etc .... that many if not all in his audience can relate to. His guitar accompaniment, be it picking style or slide is sensitive yet adds impact to his songs. Add to this harmonica work on songs such as 'American Ghosts' that has shades of Lindisfarne, other songs such as 'Drunk' have that goodtime feel that Lindisfarne classic songs had.

Ron's vocals and song style are reminscent of Springsteen in his quieter moments on songs such as 'Romeo & Juilet'. A multitude of influences from folk to blues and into the lively end of country ('Portobello Road') shine brightly through Ron's work, as such just the kind of act who appeals to audiences at the Heart Of Lincolnshire Club, so if you're a club regular, we're sure you'll enjoy our latest discovery, if you're not why not come along to see what you've been missing! (email now to reserve your tickets)

For more about Ron read on!

Ron Trueman-Border has been a musician in various guises since a very early age. He had his roots in rhythm and blues and has collaborated with various bands.

Though a relative newcomer to folk music, Ron is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the folk scenes most prolific songwriters, with a reputation for writing finely crafted songs.

Not only is Ron a truly gifted writer he is also an extremely talented guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Most of instrumental work on his albums is carried out by himself, although he often invites guest musicians to join him.

His work has been covered by many performers including John Scott Cree, Paul Sirman, George Wilson, Pete Fyfe, Les Elvin and Geoff Higginbottam and the list is growing.

Ron is always well received by his audiences, particularly for his very accessible chorus songs. Often he will ask other performers to come and join him 'on stage' at the end of the evening.

As well as solo performances such as tonight's, Ron has his own band Perfect Strangers, who released the CD 'Chase Me Girls I'm Chocolate' in Oct. 2003.

He has released a number of CD's including 'Dispatches' (1996 - re-issued 2002 with bonus tracks), 'Unrequited' (1997 - re-issued 2000 with bonus tracks), 'Trust' (1998), 'Heathen' (1999), 'American Ghosts' (2000), 'Breaking Hearts' (2002) and 'Requests' (2002). He will be starting on a new solo acoustic album during 2004.

In addition in 2002, Ron released the live recording 'Ghosts Live - Rough & Ready' which also features Paul Sirman and 'Now Then' with John Scott Cree.

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