Thursday 3 July ~ £3.50

The first of our Three Hot Nights In July has a local flavour ~ Lincolnshire based duo Martin Browne and Elizabeth Padgett are now well known on the Lincolnshire folk scene. Martin was a regular member of the audience at Boston Folk Club appreciating the songs of others, before one day he stepped forward and played some of his own songs amazing those in the audience. Unknown to us, during his college days Martin had been a writing songs and playing, this info surfaced when Paul Lucker (Slack Alice's keyboard player) and Martin met up at our club in 2001. Ask Martin about the bus and piano incident!

Originally from the Barnsley area, where Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts also hail from, Elizabeth is a distinctive singer in her own right. Since moving to Lincolnshire in the 90's, Elizabeth has become involved in the local folk scene, and now organises events at Spalding Folk Club.

Together Martin and Elizabeth have formed a musical partnership, both play guitar and sing original songs that are often thought provoking and reflective, ideal for a hot summers evening. A great way to start of '3 Hot Nights in July' Festival.