Updated Sep 2006


On tour from Canada, award winning songwriters & multi-instrumentals Mark Haines and Tom Leighton are lively, energetic and thoroughly entertaining with songs in a wide variety of styles - both of their native Canada and elsewhere. "We first saw them when Artisan performed alongside them at Lunenburg festival in Nova Scotia and we were gobsmacked!"

Who, What, When: Mark Haines & Tom Leighton established themselves as a duo in 1992 with the release of the first of their three CDs, "Foot To Floor (repeat on beat)". They perform an original and traditional repertoire influenced by their Celtic and North American folk roots, and throw a bit of Cajun in for fun.

Engaging humour and personality has made them popular performers in theatres, festivals, concerts, and clubs. These Borealis Recording Artists have rambled along Canadian highways from Ontario to the Maritimes, into the mountains of New York, and across the seas to Britain, Sweden and Taiwan.

Their Sound: Mark's voice is one of a kind. Add Tom's superb harmony and arranging skills, and the stories and pictures in their songs come vividly to life. These multi-instrumentalists combine the tug at your heart strings" traditional fiddle, accordion, guitar, bouzouki, and bodhran, with the "turn on your ears" new technology. Tom sometimes playing three instruments at once; left hand pumping the accordion and bass, the right hand thumping the drum, while his feet deftly work the pedals of the keyboards.

These guys give you a performance full of life and enthusiasm. Lots of smiles and foot tapping are guaranteed at their concerts.

For more information visit the Haines & Leighton website.