Country Joe Band

Wed 9 Jun 2004 - The Farm, Chapel St Leonards

The past week has seen some great live music at the area's venues, perhaps the one that will last longest in the memories being last Wednesday's when Country Joe McDonald made his first appearance in Lincolnshire for many years at The Farm near Chapel St Leonards, accompanied on this occasion by three members from an early incarnation of Country Joe McDonald and The Fish.

Together for legal reasons they were billed as The Country Joe Band. Their set featured a lot of material from their early albums 'Electric Music For Mind and Body' and 'Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin-To-Die', including 'Section 43', 'Bass Strings' and the second album's title track.

Recollections came from those in the audience who were too young to see Country Joe performing at The Winter Gardens in Cleethorpes in the late 60's and one suspects many in the audience had never had the opportunity to see him performing live. A remarkable performer who worked the audience from the first number, proving just how difficult it is to count to seven whilst clapping your hands and shouting "ready" at the same time!

One person had driven from Scotland a journey of 6 hours to attend the most intimate concert on his current tour. The band certainly seemed to enjoy playing at one of the most adventurous venues in the county at the current time, and the relaxed air of the band members helped make it a memorable night, pleasing to that a good sized audience had supported the gig.

Hopefully we'll see Country Joe and his band back in Lincolnshire again in the future.