The 1999 BBC Radio Lincolnshire Folk Song competition was won by Peter Addison with the song 'Fisher Lads & Lasses We' performed by 'MARK' (alias Addison, Beard, Campbell, Bellamy). Dave Wilson's song 'Dream of A Working Man' as second, & 'Traction Engine Drivers Song' written by was third.

Whilst these three songs were the songs chosen by the judges on the night as the winning entries, all the songs were of an excellent standard, & many are sure to become favourites around the folk clubs of Lincolnshire during the coming years.

Artists who reached the final were:

1 / - Ray Hume (Call Of The Land)

2 / - Jim Hancock (Traction Engine Drivers Song) (Performed by Jim Hancock / Steve Hindley) ~ (3rd)

3 / - Dany Dally & John Sykes (Chain Gang) (Performed by Dany & Eddie Dally)

4 / - Tom Butterfield (Fenwold) (performed by Butterfield / Bridgewater / Powell)

5 / - Peter Addison (Fisher Lads & Lasses We) (performed by Addison / Beard / Campbell / Bellamy) ~ (1st)

6 / - Jane Coombs (Woman Power) - (performed by Ruth Ringrose)

7 / - Andy Croft / Ben Spears (Pull The Wool) - (performed by Blue Room)

8 / - Dave Wilson (Dream Of A Working Man) - (Performed by Winter / Wilson / Wilson) ~ (2nd)

9 / - Penny Sykes (The Lincolnshire Dream)

10 / - Dick Appleton (How Can I Sing For You) - (performed by Gert & Daisy Trio)

On the night, all the finalists perform a warm up song (which you don't hear on the radio) & their competition entry. The competition is friendly, & often it is very difficult for the judges to choose between the songs.