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ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS - Duo from West Wales who occasionally perform in our area both as a duo & augmenting Akmed's Camel. John Howes & Dick Ellis have worked with Rhythm & Blues bands as well as on the folk circuit. The duo currently have a cassette album out, which features both original songs & traditional numbers.

AG & KATE - A unique duo from Holland! - Both sing & play guitar, in addition AG plays the autoharp while Kate plays 5 string banjo & mountain dulcimer. Infectious & endearing folk style vocals combined with old time country instrumentals, the duo play a fasinating mix of country, folk & Gospel music & have recorded over 20 albums. AG & Kate spend most of the year on the road touring music clubs, concert halls, festivals, churches & prisons in their homeland, across the USA & throughout the UK including the Shetland Islands where the folk-singing islanders introduced AG & Kate to the old folk hymns which changed their lives & added a new dimension to their musical repertoire. The duo have performed at the Wembley Country Music Festival, the Peterborough Country Music Festival & the Greenbelt Christian Festival, & have played at top venues in the USA, including The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree & many bluegrass festivals. In 1999 AG & Kate undertook a 6 month tour of the USA, playing in 11 different states with performances at the Ozark Folk Centre, in Mountain View. The duo last toured Britain in Feb 1999, when they played live in the BBC East Midlands studio on Mick Smith's Country Music show, a performance which showed that their music crosses over a variety of musical boundries. The duo will be performing their acoustic set in an intimate venue. Please note that ticket numbers are limited tel 01526 343989 to reserve tickets priced £3. 50. Hotel rooms available / bar meals available prior to gig (seperate room) ring 01526 353231 for details.

JAN AKKERMAN - Dutch guitar master - from searing, technically brilliant solos on electric guitar, Jan has developed an intimate jazz/blues style for acoustic guitar. Voted Best Guitarist in a Melody Maker poll in 1973, Jan started his career as long ago as 1958 as one of Johnny & The Cellar Rockers. Hard rock outfit Brainbox followed, then Focus (whose 2 hit singles 'Syliva' and 'Hocas Pokas' brought Jan to a wider audience). After Focus, Jan played alongside Cozy Powell in Forcefield - He's now treading a solo path and rarely seen in the UK.

ALBION BAND - England's foremost acoustic folk rock band, led by Ashley Hutchings, who is considered to be the father of British Folk Rock. The band's ever changing line-up has featured a 'family tree' of renowned folk musicians, latest 'branches' are Gillie Nicholls, Ken Nichol, Joe Broughton & Neil Marshall, who together continue the long tradition of keeping alive the traditional music & songs of England.

ALIEN FOLKLIFE - Acoustic folk music duo featuring Canadian Paul Mercer (vocals / guitar) and Joan Kosby (vocals / guitar / concertina) from New York State USA. Their repertoire of original material blends traditional and contemporary American, Canadian and British influences to produce songs that are at once fresh and familiar. Combining sensitivity with a sense of humour, they are equally at home with an evocative story song, a quirky humorous piece or an upbeat tune. The duo released their debut recording 'Fast Company' on cassette in 1991 and their debut CD 'Double Vision' in 1997. A song from 'Double Vision' (Thomas Cat) has been featured on the nationally syndicated show 'The Dr Demento Show' in the USA, whilst Paul Mercer's song 'Johnny Burke' which has its roots in Newfoundland (Paul's homeland) heritage has been recorded by nationally touring artists. The duo completed their first UK tour in Autumn 2000 and return in the fall of 2002. 'Delicious harmonies and creative arranging ..... wonderful and original' (Times Union, Albany, NY). Hear for yourself when Paul & Joan visit Lincolnshire in Sep 2002.

AMAZING BLONDEL - Reformed in 1997 with the original 1969 line-up. John Gladwin & Terry Wincott emerged from Lincolnshire rock band Methuselah & they were joined by Edward Baird, together the trio played a unique blend of Elizabethan & Tudor music on woodwind, lute, etc. Since their return Blondel have been playing to sell out audiences wherever they have performed. The band have also released 'Restoration' a CD of new songs & music.

ALISTAIR ANDERSON - Alistair has been at the forefront of traditional music since the early 70's. Acknowledged internationally as the master of English concertina, he has appeared on TV, radio and on the concert platform across the world, & recorded with artists ranging from Kate Bush to the Lindsay String Quartet, Richard Thompson to John Williams, as well as classical performers including Nigel Kennedy & the Northern Sinfonia Orchestra. Whilst known for his work with ensembles, he is still best known as a solo performer, delighting audiences with traditional music from Northumberland, Scotland & Ireland, & his own original music which draws its influences from the traditional. 'Anderson's concertina pours out melody like molten metal - all glowing intensity & spitting sparks .... music to stir the spirit' (The Guardian). Alistair tours Lincolnshire as part of an Autumn Rural & Community tour, as yet we do not have full details of all his appearances, however as soon as the tour organisers or local promoters send us details of his tour we will include dates in our listings.

HARVEY ANDREWS - Highly respected singer songwriter, who has been around the folk scene for 30 years. His brilliantly crafted songs would appeal to a wider audience, if they had opportunity to hear them on radio more regularly. His honey smooth voice, fine guitarwork & melodic songs are the perfect antidote to the hectic modern world. Visit the Harvey Andrews website, this interesting & informative site includes his fasinating diary of his career as a folk singer!

THE ANGEL BROTHERS & SATNAM SINGH - Mixing bhangra and classical Indian rhythms with western grooves, tuned percussion and extraordinary acoustic melodies, this outfit create an original and unique sound. Twin percussions Keith Angel and Satnam Singh are joined by Dave Angel on guitar and mandolin. A variety of instruments feature during their shows which bring a fresh face to some traditional styles.

ARTISAN - Superb 3 part harmonies from Brian & Jacey Bedford & Hilary Spencer, they sing many original songs as well as songs by less well known performers & traditional numbers. Their performances are laced with humour, their voices are their instruments, so much so that one hardly notices the lack of instruments. The group are also well known for their sell out Christmas Shows, their 'Bygone Christmas' & 'The Season of Holly & The Ivy' making excellent seasonal music. If you've seen (& we're sure, enjoyed!) their Christmas performances, why not see the group perform their folk club set, which is in similar style! ~ We have just heard that this years dramatic interlude is 'Babe (Pig) In The Wood'. For further details visit the Artisan website.

ATCHA ACOUSTIC - Trio who have toured Europe during the past 3 years. Their eclectic mix of styles means their music is not for the purists! Their live performances include Cajun style 2 steps, balmy atmospheric ballads & swinging boogie woogie & blues, & they place the emphasis on entertainment & everyone having a good time! The driving forces behind the music are Chris Jagger (brother of Mick) on vocals & guitar, Charlie Hart who for many years was the mainstay of Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance on fiddle & accordion & completing the line up is Ben Waters, an outstanding young British boogie woogie & blues pianist.

AVID DIY CEILIDHS - Trentside Folk Dance project, Awaken Village Interest In Dance. Have you ever wanted to go to a Barn Dance or Ceilidh, have tried line dancing & would like to try something similar, ever wanted to play an instrument or 'call' for folk dances, if you answer yes to any of these, why not go along to these informal concerts, where the emphasis is for everyone to have a lot of fun. Please bring along your own refreshments, entry £1 (all dances 7.45 - 10.45pm) For more info contact Peter Bernard tel 01427 873937.


THE BAGHDADDIES - 'Balkan meets Klezmer meets world roots dance & grooves - great music that's impossible to sit still to' (Time Out). The Baghdaddies take their audiences onan amazing musical trip from Eastern Europe to the Middle East. They have been astounding audiences across the country for more than four years with their eclectic fusion of Balkan gypsy songs, traditional Klezmer music, Middle Eastern melodies & funky dance grooves. Throw into the mix a little jazz, reggae & ska & you have one of the most danceable bands on the planet!!

ROY BAILEY - After 40 years on the folk scene, Roy is recognised as a major artiste whose performances impress, inspire & delight. Widely acclaimed as a superb interpreter of comtemporary songs he has appeared at festivals throughout the world. His meaningful songs often reflect his political viewpoint and global affairs. (He has also performed shows with Tony Benn, his music complimenting Tony's talks).

DUCK BAKER - One of the most highly regarded finger style guitarists of his generation, his repertoire ranges from traditional Irish music thru old time mountain music & bluegrass to blues, gospel, ragtime, swing and modern jazz. Duck has a reputation as a virtuoso but his performance depends as much on his humerous & informative stage manner as on technical bravura.

BARACHOIS - Hailing from Prince Edward Island of the East coast of Canada, these descendants of the Acadian people are a tiny remnant of the first European settlers who were cruelly expelled from Canada in the mid 1700's by the British, small communities could not or would not leave the swamps & forests - these small surviving communities The Baraschois maintain their unique traditions & culture - which has survived until today! Capturing the joy of music & dance in songs & tunes passed down from generation to generation. Barachois specialise in music & stepdancing, mixed with a good dullop of humour. Their musicianship & excitment of the band's live performances are renowned, described as a "marvellous, high energy, heart warming show reflecting the remote rural community from which they come, Barachois took the UK summer festivals by storm in 1999". Disbanded Dec 2003.

DAMIEN BARBER - A wizard on the English concertina, Damien who hails from Norfolk performs mainly traditional songs.

SALLY BARKER DUO - Plays with a strong, but delicately percussive guitar style that is complimented by her gutsy yet shimmering honey-tinged voice that fires the soul. Writing her own songs, including competetion winning song 'Hunting The Buffalo' she draws inspiration from blues, country & rock. Following her success in the Kendal Songsearch, Sally has gone on the release some fine solo works, supported the likes of Bob Dylan & Robert Plant & been a member of The Poozies. Sally is accompanied by Keith Richard Buck on guitar.

BATTLEFIELD BAND - Under their banner 'Forward With Scotland's Past' the Battlefield Band play Scottish music of unique quality. Inspired by their rich heritage of Celtic music and fired by the strength of today's Scottish Cultural scene, they perform music of rare passion and joy. Mixing old songs with new self penned material, they play a fusion of ancient and modern instruments - bagpipes, fiddle, synthesisers, guitar, cittern, flute, bodhran and accordion. After 30 years the Battlefield Band still lead the way for Scottish music - introducing new musicians, new music, and always involving their ever widening world-wide audience. 2002 sees the release of a fine new album 'Time & Tide' which maintains the band's tradition of performing both original songs and tunes whilst adding their unique touch to traditional tunes such as 'Nancy's Whisky' with their own original arrangements. For further info visit the Battlefield Band website.

CHERYL BEER - Unfortunately her last appearance in the county (supporting Arthur Brown & Tim Rose) was cancelled due to illness, so we currently have little information on this artist. She will be undertaking a tour with Whitesnake & her all star band EAST (Eclectic All Star Tour) featuring Cheryl (vocals), Terry Williams (of Dire Straits on drums), Neil Murray (Whitesnake - bass), Nik Turner (Hawkwind - sax), Jon Turnbull (Blockheads / Geldof - guitar), Bob Loveday (Geldof - fiddle), & a number of intimate solo dates. The 'acoustic artist of the year' also has a new cd 'Just Another Judas' available. Visit the Cheryl Beer website.

JOHN BELAND (Apr 2003) - 30+ years in the business John has played his part in the emergence of country/rock - rebel/country . From his early days playing with Kris Kristofferson and Linda Ronstadt , through his long association with Johnny Tillotson , Dolly Parton and The Bellamy Brothers to his many years with the legendary and hugely influential The Flying Burrito Brothers , ( The Burritos if you had to pigeonhole them filled the gap between the Byrds and the Eagles ) John has kept the very best of musical company . To list all those he has played with and written songs for would take an age. Check out the John Beland web site. Now resident in Brisbane this may be your only chance to see and hear this wonderful artist .

BELSHAZZAR'S FEAST - Duo Paul Hutchinson (accordion) and Paul Sartin (oboe / violin / vocals) paired up in 1995, since then their performances have been featured on radio and TV, clubs, village halls and festivals in the UK, Germany and USA.

PIERRE BENSUSAN - Pierre has become synonymous with guitar wizardary, his almost exclusive use of unusual open tunings & mesmerizing left hand touch having been heralded as a touch of genius by critics the world over. Born in Algeria, his family moved to Paris when he was 4, he describes his roots as being first in France & North Africa, but his style is a combination of many influences. Renowned for ever-shifting rhythms, rich textures & shimmering harmonies created with guitar & voice, he creates a musical tapestry of universal appeal.

BERGAMASCA - Lincolnshire based group who play medieval music, from the exciting dance music bought back by the Crusaders, to the later Renanissance, including Tudor & Elizabethean music. Richard Still, Jane Ward, Helen Mason & Christine Hasman recreate the sound that would have been heard half a millennium ago (odd to think that 500 years from now there will be tribute bands to todays groups, but perhaps it already happening!), on period instruments such as sinfonye, lute, vielle, viol, crumhorns, wooden flutes & recorders & contra bass. They play dances & songs from medieval times, complex tapestries of Renaissance counterpoint, gentle solo pieces, rich multi-instrumentals, courtly music of Henry VIII & more rustic pieces. The group who provide the music for The Lincoln Mystery Plays, have just released a new CD.

IRA BERNSTEIN & TREVOR STUART - Ira "the one man Riverdance". He is recognised as one of the most versatile percussive step dancers in the world. Trevor on fiddle & guitar. Workshops (£2.00) are being held in the afternoon, Old Time Fiddle (2pm) / Appalachian Flatfoot (3.30pm)

BLUE TAPESTRY - Chris While, Julie Matthews, Pete Zorn, Maartin Allcock and Neil Marshall combine their many talents to present a tribute to 2 very influential singer-songwriters, Joni Mitchell & Carole King. The band take their name from two of the most famous albums by the respective artists. Chris & Julie have established themselves as Britain's top female duo, with two multi-instrumentalists of world renown, plus a great Albion Band drummer, this is an awesome line-up. (pre booking advised for Blaxton Live concerts)

BOHINTA - Talented young band featuring Martin & Aine Furey (children of Finbar). The Furey name is legendary in Celtic music circles & Martin & Aine continue the tradition for music making. Bohinta combine the best in Irish traditional music with a sharp & inventive contemporary edge. The band first appeared in the county back in 1995 returning in 96, Aine's hauntingly beautiful vocals, Martin's superb guitar playing & Grieg Stewart's hand percussion making a big impression on those fortunate enough to see them (the band's line up then also included Jill Hunter on keyboards and Carlene Anglim on fiddle). The band released the excellent cassette album 'Wishes' in 1994, which featured all original songs. The band's return coincides with the release of their second album. Welcome back Bohinta!!!

BILL BOURNE - June 2001 sees a rare appearance by Canadian & Juno Award winning artist, described as one of Canada's master folk musicians, Bill's unique style of acoustic blues, swing, Gospel & Celtic music is guaranteed to inspire and entertain.

MAGGIE BOYLE & CLIVE CARROLL - Maggie has one of the greatest voices of English folk music, though born in London she continues the tradition of music & storytelling passed on by her Irish Family. With songs old & new she has received great reviews - "masterful in the extreme ... essential listening" (Hotpress) "beautiful voice & lyrics with exquisite flute" (FRoots), "A voice that angels would kill for" (Rock'n'Reel). As well as her own recorded work her vocals have adorned such films as 'The Patriot Games' & 'Legends Of The Fall'. Clive is one of the finest young guitarists in the UK, John Renbourn's reaction on first hearing Clive was "delight & disbelief ..... I thought he was world class. His technique is blissful & his compostions are beautifully conceived & mature"

BRACKEN RIGG BAND - Traditional Scottish accordion and fiddle band playing for weddings, barn dances, ceilidhs, Burns Nights etc across the North and Midlands. Any sized band provided with caller for English/Irish/Scottish mix or without caller for Scottish Country Dancing. Irish lineup available. Northumbrian tunes also a speciality. For further information visit the Braken Rigg website / contact Geoff Wright 01302 784561 / email:

BRODERICK - Talented & hot, this young band features BBC Young Tradition winner and Riverdance composer, acoordionist Luke Daniels. Fresh from impressing folk festival audiences in summer 2001, this brilliant group are now touring Britain's arts centres, the first in our area being Worksop's Regal Centre early in 2002.

TOM & BARBARA BROWN - Folk duo who hail from Devon. Whilst their material is rooted firmly in the tradition, they make their concerts entertaining and their music accessible to a wide-ranging audience, through their infectious enthusiasm and love of the songs performed. The duo have released a CD entitled 'Where Umber Flows' which can be purchased for £12.75 (inc. P&P) email or tel 01271 882366 for details. They hope to return to the studio in Feb 2002 to record a follow up CD.

BROOKER T. & THE BUNGALOW BAND - Trio, Tom Brooker (Dobro guitar), Steve Bateman (Martin guitar) & Roly Elliott (bass). Formed in 1998 in Louth, brought about by a chance meeting between Tom & Steve at the Louth Folk Club. Roly joined soon at a session in a local pub. Tom a native of Louth, & a landscape artist ran the Louth Folk Club for many years, Steve & Roly though not originally from the town have lived there for quite a while. Both have a wide experience of playing folk & blues, Roly has also played in rock bands. The trio play a very varied mix of country & rural blues, folk songs, skiffle, jazz orientated & American ballads & much more. The band takes its name from its birthplace, Tom's bungalow, where they continue to rehease, they also hold sessions in their local Newmarket Pub. The trio are always available for gigs, to book the band contact Tom tel 01507 605766 / Steve 01507 609764 / Roly 01507 601828

IAN BRUCE - Former office worker turned Scottish folk singer & guitarist, his 1995 CD 'The Naked Truth' contains over 70 mins of original material & captures the essance of his 'live' performances.

BRUMHALATA - 'The Flowering Tree' is a newly commissioned work for Lincolnshire incorporating Asian storytelling with dance & music. Brumhalata are an intercultural storytelling company, offering an evening of storytelling, Kathak dance from India with live music on tabla percussion & saxophone. There was a girl who had a secret - she could become a flowering tree, but what happens when she shares it with someone who is not yet ready to hear it? These are stories of girls growing into women, about sons who find their fathers & lose them - mischievous, exciting stories told by one of the UK's most distinguished storytellers Vayu Naidu, enhanced by traditional music & dances, a magical evening designed to capture the imagination of all the family.

TONY BUNNELL - Songwriter and hurdy gurdy player, she performs all her own songs, including those from her CD Nothing More to be Said, reviews for which can be read on her website:

DAVE BURLAND & SID KIPPER - Opposites attract, & Sid & Dave certainly prove it! Dave came up with the folk revival, recording with Hedgehog Pie, Richard Thompson & Nic Jones amongst others. Sid absorbed the folk tradition from his family, performing for many years alongside his father. Put the 2 together & something very special happens. As well as their unique solo skills, they blend unaccompanied traditional singing, with humour & even hints of rock'n'roll.

THE BUSHBURYS - Since their formation in 1994 The Bushburys (formerly The Bushbury Mountain Daredevils named after a suburb of Wolverhampton) have toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe appearing at over 150 festivals including Cambridge, Cropredy, Guildford, Skagen, Labadoux, The Phoenix and several hundred venues ranging from theatres, arts centres to small clubs. They have released five albums - Bushbury Mountain in 1995, Peace And Justice '96, Urban Hillbilly '97, a Live album and their fifth album Brand New Day in 1998 all of which have been well received by press and public alike including a four star review in Q-Magazine. All five albums are available on national distribution via Direct (Topic). 1999 saw the release of Trying To Catch The Sun which includes The Vision as featured on Highlands II (WEA 9548 38461-Z) alongside The Chieftans, Sinaed O'Connor, Altan and many others. In 2000 The Bushburys released a live album titled Howling At The Moon, and this year, 2001, Eddy Morton & The Bushburys have released their 8th album 'Timeless'. With their familiar rootsy sound, contemporary songs and excellent musicianship they explore all the areas of acoustic rock, folk and blues with which they have been so successful in creating one of the UKs finest and most hardworking live acts.

The Bushburys are ; Eddy Morton - Vocals, Guitars and Mandolin / Gerry Smith - Piano and Accordian / Lucy Collinge-Hill - Violin & Backing Vocals / Micky Barker - Drums and percussion / Buzby Bywater - Acoustic and Electric Bass & Backing Vocals.

Reviewers say :

"Beautifully performed Urban Hillbilly is imbued with a cohesiveness that lifts it above the very good to a higher plane" Dave Haslam, Taplas

"An essential debut" Q Magazine "Managed to raise the temperature at the hottest Cambridge ever" Eddie Barcan, Cambridge Folk Festival.

For more information visit The Bushburys website.

EDDIE MORTON & THE BUSHBURYS - Recently The Bushburys have been keeping a low profile, but Autumn 2001 sees the release of their latest album, 'Timeless' and a tour of Midland venues and Germany. Rare visitors to Lincolnshire, the band are extremely popular with audiences throughout the Midlands. Once again their 2001 tour does not venture into Lincolnshire, so fans of the band's music and live performances will have to travel further afield to see them in action. For the latest news about the band visit The Bushburys website.

The Bushburys released a superb new album 'Trying To Catch The Sun' in 1999, now the band have followed it up with a dynamic live CD 'Howling At The Moon' The Bushburys continue to grow in strength & stature both as live performers & recording artists. With their lively rootsy sound, contemporary songs & excellent musicianship they explore all areas of acoustic rock, folk & blues with which they have been so successful in creating one of the UK's finest & most hard working live acts.

KATE CAMPBELL - USA singer songwriter who appears at the Black Horse in Nettleham in Nov 2001. They say discovering Kate Campbell is like finding a sparkling diamond in a pile of coal . She rides the ridge between folk and country so solidly that you almost feel its a new musical form . I can't disagree with either statement and can only add that she writes incredible songs and has a wonderful voice . If she is half as good live as she is on CD this will be something special . Her new gospel album is brilliant. You will love her.

CARMINA - Sophisticated & fresh, Carmina have been compared with The Corrs, Swing Out Sister & Van Morrison, but their gorgeous sound is unique. Centred around the beauifully lyrical voice of founder-member Pippa Marland & the acoustic guitar & mandola of Rob King, the band plays a sensuous mix of Celtic folk & jazz which has won rave reviews from critics in Britain, Ireland, Spain & beyond. Their last album, 'Weather In The Heart', was a defining development, the band released the follow up CD 'Love Like Angels' in 2000.

CLIVE CARROLL - Talented young guitarist who performs both as a solo performer and as a member of The Grand Acoustic Roadshow. A graduate of Trinity College London, Clive was 'discovered' by Chris Newman who produced his remarkable debut CD 'Sixth Sense' (& John Renbourn) playing in a pub. A guitarist whose influences range across a wide spectrum, his at home accompanying traditional musicians & singers as in the Grand Acoustic Roadshow, but with a forte breaking the normal boundries of acoustic guitar with delightful jazz and Spanish influenced works that have listeners spellbound. As John Renbourn says "All in all it's something that the fingerstyle steel-string guitar has been waiting for...... Sixth Sense will certainly mark the arrival of Clive Carroll and, I think, become a milestone on the journey of the steel-string guitar." A real all rounder Clive has been involved in jazz, blues, rock, bluegrass & traditional Irish music, as well as performing as part of classical guitar ensembles. Clive has also performed with John Renbourn & early in 2001 the duo performed in Lincoln as part of the build up to the Lincoln Folk Festival, the first time we & we suspect many others in the audience had seen him play (or even heard of him), we understand that there will be an opportunity to see John & Clive performing on the same bill again in Lincolnshire in the autumn of 2001, check Fizgig for details. For further info visit the Clive Carroll website.

LIZ CARROLL - Outstanding Irish-American fiddler gets Lost In The Loop Chicago fiddler Liz has long been known as a master of Irish traditional music. An All-Ireland fiddle champion and National Heritage Award winner, Liz is considered a "musicians' musician" by fellow players. Her new album, Lost in the Loop, captures the joyful spirit of an artist who has embraced music all her life.

Named after Chicago's elevated train system, which circles its downtown area, Lost in the Loop is a tour de force of musicianship and imagination. It's Liz's first solo album in more than a decade - during which time she spent raising her family 51; and she is clearly at the top of her game, reveling in the music. Her renowned tone is more assured than ever, sweet and even sassy; the tunes lively with quicksilver runs and syncopated rhythms.

Liz recruited another Irish-American musician, Seamus Egan from the band Solas, as producer. He brought along some of his bandmates to work on the project 51; guitarist John Doyle and fiddler Winifred Horan 51; and Altan guitarist Daíthi Sproule also joins in. With Egan on percussion and flute, these talented musicians further fuel the album with electricity and skill. "Liz is one of my favorite fiddlers, "says Egan, "and she's playing better than ever. She's written some incredible melodies for this album."

Liz has always been known as an inspired composer, and more than half the tunes on Lost in the Loop are her own. This past September, the Chicago Mayor's office named a day in honor of this talented native daughter. Lost in the Loop should thrill new fans and longtime admirers 51; and make Chicago proud.


Chicago native Liz has achieved renown in traditional Irish music circles as both composer and performer. An All-Ireland Fiddle Champion and National Heritage Award winner, she is considered one of Irish America's premiere musicians and tunesmiths by critics, fans and musicians worldwide.

"Liz's fiddling is nothing less than breathtaking," writes Earle Hitchener in the Irish Echo, and Irish writer/producer P.J. Curtis calls her playing "the most dazzling display of musicianship imaginable" (Irish American). Elizabeth "Liz" Carroll was born in 1956 of Irish immigrant parents from Limerick and Offaly counties. Her father, a button accordion player, began teaching her to play Irish traditional music when she was five, and later she began Irish dancing.

A violin class at her parochial school taught by Sister Francine inspired Liz to pick up the fiddle; but her main sources of musical schooling came from her family and the community, in informal Irish musical gatherings called sessions. Composing came naturally to Liz, who wrote her first tune at the age of nine. "A melody came to me that didn't exist anywhere else," said Liz. "This felt very special; different from learning a tune, or varying one, or hearing one for the first time."

During the 1960s and '70s, Chicago's Irish music community was going through a re-invigoration, aided by a continuing migration from the old country. Liz honed her skills through sessions at the local Irish Traditional Musician's Association, studying and playing alongside veterans like Mayo piper Joe Shannon and Chicago-born fiddler John McGreevy. She gained a wealth of tunes, techniques and stories, and a depth of cultural knowledge possessed by few of her generation.

In 1975, after a series of stunning victories in the junior division of the All-Ireland Fiddle Championship, the 18-year-old Liz astounded the Irish music world in both the U.S. and Ireland by winning the senior division championship title. She was immediately recognized as one of the outstanding Irish fiddlers of all time. Her flawless technique is matched by her vast knowledge of the Irish repertoire, and an uncanny ability to weave spectacular variations of traditional and original tunes.

In 1994, the National Endowment for the Arts awarded Liz a National Heritage Fellowship award, the country's highest honor for a traditional musician. She has recorded numerous albums, including three solo CDs and two albums with her group Trian, featuring accordionist Billy McComiskey and guitarist Daithi Sproule. Liz has performed with Irish-American groups Cherish the Ladies and Green Fields of America, and appeared on numerous stages including the Smithsonian Folk Series at Wolf Trap, the Chicago Celtic Festival, and the First American Congress of the Violin in 1988, hosted by Yehudi Menuhin at the University of Maryland.

Liz's new release, Lost in the Loop (Green Linnet GLCD 1199), is her first solo effort in over a decade. Produced by Seamus Egan, it is a jubilant set of traditional and original tunes, named in tribute to the city where Liz has grown up, raised her own family, and played such a vibrant role in the life of Chicago's Irish community. Giving as good as it gets, Chicago repayed the honor in 1999: Mayor Richard M. Daley proclaimed September 19th Liz Carroll Day for this talented native daughter.

Select Discography

Solo LOST IN THE LOOP (Green Linnet, 2000) / LIZ CARROLL (Green Linnet, 1988) / A FRIEND INDEED (Shanachie, 1979 [re-issue 1995])

With Trian (Liz Carroll, Billy McComiskey and Daithi Sproule) - TRIAN II (Green Linnet, 1994) / TRIAN (Flying Fish, 1991) /

Also: KISS ME KATE with Tommy Maguire (Shanachie, 1977; re-issue 1995)

Visit Liz Carroll's website for further info.

ELIZA CARTHY TRIO - One of the bright new stars of the new folk revival, Eliza is a funky mixture of tradition & sheer prodigious talent. No longer just the daughter of folk greats Martin Carthy & Norma Waterson - though they remain a major influence on her musical output - Eliza is now recognised in her own right as one of the best young singers Britain has produced in years. Her massive tour with Joan Baez in late 1999 brought her to new prominence, whilst her albums including the double 'Red Rice' were big sellers in the 90's. Her trio features Saul Rose on melodean & Martin Green on accordion, together the trio perform a dazzling array of traditional music & contemporary virtuosity.

PETE CASTLE - A professional singer of traditional songs & teller of traditional tales, & guitarist for more than 20 years. Whilst Pete on occasions includes comtemporary & original songs in his sets & plays with musicians from other cultures, he has remained loyal to the traditional English songs, especially the ballads which are at the core of his repertoire, which will appeal both to the most serious of folkies, & to lay person alike. As well as solo work, Pete has worked with Anglo Romanian band Popeluc & with his daughter Lucy ~ with whom he played at an Alford Festival a few years back. Much of his music work takes place away from folk clubs, introducing new audiences from school children to senior citizens to tradition music with workshops & community projects. Rock 'N' Reel mag says of Pete .... "He uses the tradition as a springboard not a straightjacket!"

ANDY CAVEN - Andy reduced rock'n'roll & RnR to their simplest components with various Midlands based bands. Now performs widely as a solo artist, performing a wide variety of songs - from acoustic rock & roll, to traditional folk, country blues & original songs such as his tribute to a fine blues singer / guitarist the late Gerry Lockran (whose vinyl LP 'Across The Tracks!' Andy rightly enthuses about - Andy will gladly sell you a copy of this fine acoustic blues album, the proceeds going to Gerry's widow). You can also catch Andy performing in the duo Nuduo, alongside Robbie Gladwell (Steve Harley's lead guitarist) & with blues & rock'n'roll outfit The Elderly Brothers & The Something Else Band. Andy currently has 2 cassette albums 'Songs' & 'Early Days' (with Rosie Hardman) & a more recent CD 'It Must Be Love'. For further info / bookings tel 01206 549582 or email

MAIRE NI CHATHASAIGH & CHRIS NEWMAN - Celebrated partnership of virtuoso Irish harpist, Maire & wizard acoustic guitarist Chris return to touring village venues as part of the county's Rural & Touring scheme. Maire grew up in West Cork, & started playing the harp when aged 11, before long she won the All-Ireland & Pan-Celtic Harp competitions several times. An awesome acoustic guitarist, Chris played his first professional gig at the age of 14 in a folk club, in his teens he dabbled with jazz, learning from & playing with Stephane Grappelli & Diz Disley. A prolific composer who now concentrates on traditional music & composition. Maire & Chris combine their talents to produce a dazzling & inspiring performance that will appeal to young musicians & family audiences alike. For further details visit Maire & Chris's website.

CAHOOTS - The last dates by this popular duo take place in the Spring & early Summer of 2002 as Linda and Monkey Brother's lead singer, Carl are getting married and leaving for a new life together in Ireland at the end of June. Fun, Diverse & Entertaining! - the duo featuring Linda Carroll (vocal, percussion, guitar) & Phil Barr (guitar, vocal), formed in March 1999, have appeared at various pubs & clubs around the county of Lincolnshire & beyond. The background is somewhat interesting .... both originally from Lincoln, Linda spent some time playing on the Irish circuit around Birmingham. Phil on the other hand was part of Lincoln's successful reggae band Simba back in the late 80's & early 90's. After Simba, Phil turned towards the Celtic folk scene, playing in various groups, including the very popular jigs & reels 3 piece known as On Tap. These days Linda & Phil specialise in singer/songwriting as well as having an extensive repertoire covering Celtic folk, popular & contemporary music. With a distinctive style of their own, here is a performance not to be missed. The duo are supporting Dennis Locorriere (The Voice Of Dr Hook) & Dr Feelgood at Bolsover Castle in June. To find out more about Cahoots - tel 01522 791858 or visit the Cahoots website.

PAULINE CATO, TOM McCONVILLE & SIMON HOWARTH - Music & song from the North East's finest. Pauline is one of the greatest Northumbrian pipers, Tom, a wonderful singer & fiddle player. They have often appeared at venues in the county, thrilling audiences with their tight unison playing & beautifully arranged harmony work, fiddle & pipes blending superbly. For this tour they are joined by Simon, whose sensitive guitar accompaniment brings a new, exciting dimension which is beautiful & moving.

CELTUS - One of the most exciting bands to emerge from Ireland in the past few years. Their debut album 'Moonchild' released in 1997 won them Best Album at the 1998 World Awards against stiff opposition from The Corrs, Boyzone & U2. Brothers Pat & John McManus from Enniskillen (Northern Ireland) form the core of the band, constantly surrounded by traditional tale & music, they are now well versed in whistle, flute & fiddle, as well as bass, bodrhan & guitar. Their latest CD 'Portrait' finds their songwriting skills inside a variety of new textures, creating a vibrant & colourful masterpiece. Described by The Times as 'Pink Floyd meets Clannad, meets Enigma' - Celtus are attracting an ever growing following of fans.

MICHAEL CHAPMAN (Feb 2003) - One of our most respected British singer- songwriters, and an exceptionally talented acoustic guitarist with around 25 albums to his name. A virtuoso player incorporating elements of folk, jazz & blues in his instru- mental work, he's also a real songwriter who's lived a real life, with a lived-in voice to match...and a repertoire of great songs, presented with his own unique warm and personal style. For further info visit the Michael Chapman website.

THE CHASE - This is an exciting opportunity to take part in something quite different when The Chase tours to rural venues as part of the Lincolnshire Rural & Community Touring Scheme. The company of 7 dancers and musicians combine choreographic and performance skills & their own in-depth knowledge of various traditions from England, Ireland, Breton-France and Scandinavia with an exciting range of instrumental possibilities including the bagpipes, guitar, percussion, sax and fiddle. The Chase brings together this fascinating collection of talented dancers and musicians to explore the boundaries & dynamics of their evolving traditions and get their audiences participating! This promises to be a rare & fascinating evening with some of the great names of new folk including Karen Tweed (of The Poozies), Jo Freya & Fi Fraser, Kerry Fletcher, Anna Pack, Chris Walshaw and David Faulkner.

THE CITY WAITES - Early music ensemble who play violins, Rebec, Viol, Recorders, Curtal, Crumhorn, Lute, percussion, guitar, cittern. Performing in full period costume, in the style of an early street band, the City Waites perfom a selection of popular songs, carols and dance music, exploring various themes: Christian, pagan, spiritual & secular.

NEV CLAY - Nev is a singer, songwriter and a 12-string guitar picker from Longbenton, Tyneside, who writes and plays some of the wittiest, most tragi-comical and beautiful songs you are likely to hear. He is making a rare appearance outside the North East to promote his latest CD, Pearshaped. Check out his website at: . Part of a double bill at Baileys in Grimsby in Aug 2002, Martin Peirson is well known as one of the organisers of the long-running Processed Pea music club on the North Bank, and also a talented performer in his own right.

ROD CLEMENTS - (Updated Feb 2003) Probably best known as the writer of Meet Me On The Corner (s debut chart single), Rod has worked with some of the great names in rock, folk and blues music over the last thirty years. A truly talented player of the acoustic guitar and slide dobro, his CV reads like a "Who's Who" of the best players, singers and songwriters from the UK - Alan Hull, Bert Jansch, Prelude, Michael Chapman, Rab Noakes, Ralph McTell, Thea Gilmore and Kathryn Tickell are just some of the distinguished names with whom Rod has recorded and appeared.

Described by Netrhythms as "The Master of North Eastern Delta Blues", we are happy to welcome Rod and his slide guitar to the Etherington Arms just prior to a nationwide spring tour with Lindisfarne. Rod will be playing some bluesey and rootsy material from his own critically acclaimed solo albums and . And, who knows, maybe a chance to hear the aforementioned Meet Me On The Corner in an acoustic style, very different from the version recorded by the band in 1971.

(Autumn 2001 profile: Autumn 2001 found folk legend Rod Clements undertaking his first solo tour. Founder member of Lindisfarne and writer of 'Meet Me On The Corner', Rod's repertoire will include 12 new songs which have a thoroughly fresh, contemporary approach as well as old favourites, and perhaps some of the bluesy numbers which featured on his solo album 'One Track Mind' released in 1994.)

COCK & BULL BAND - A band whose modern and traditional music combines folk, roots, funk, rock, jazz and fusion in an unordodox, stomping swirl of sound, described as 'one of the most successful splicings of traditional dance and automated rhythms' FRoots reviewer Nick Beale has come across. With over 20 years experience on the professional folk scene, the Cock & Bull Band are recognised as one of the top ceilidh and barn dance bands on the circuit, and their concerts always offer a treat. Always prepared to surprise & delight, the band's sheer professionalism, & quality guarantee an amazing time for their audiences. Despite their almost unrivalled sucess, the band still enjoy playing at small intimate events as much as at major international festivals. Their new line up features Jean-Pierre Rasle (bagpipes / recorder / crumhorn / vocals), Paul Martin (mandola / appalachian dulimer), Pete Lockwood (sax / keyboards / drums) and Steve Cobham (guitars). For further info about the band visit the Hemlock Music website.

PETE COE - Gig rescheduled from last January. "A one man folk industry" was how Jim Lloyd described Pete Coe on Folk On 2. His vast repertoire of traditional & original songs & dance tunes, played on bouzouki, melodeon, dulcimer & banjo will ensure that his audiences will experience a rich & varied wealth of music, while Pete's sparkling enthusiasm for the music he purveys will leave you wanting more!

CARLTON COLE - Performing live 15 years, including a stint with Midlands Rnb band Shogun. He began his solo career in 1992, & plays extensively throughout the Midlands. Combining instrumental virtuosity with a great mix of folk, blues & soul. He teamed up with harmonica player Neil Brammall more recently. For further info visit his webpage.

CHRISTINE COLLISTER - Christine is one of the most powerful & distinctive comtemporary British folk / soul singers. Since splitting from her duo with Clive Gregson in 1992, her smouldering vocals have developed in a blues direction, but she sings songs from a wide range of sources. Her solo albums, starting with Blue Aconite in 1996, have featured a roll call of greats, including Richard Thompson, Danny Thompson, Jacqui McShee & Rory McFarlane. Last year's successful 'Song Bird' album is a compilation of her solo work since 1992 & has propelled her to the position her gorgeous voice has long deserved.

CRAOBH RUA - Belfast based 4 piece band. Folk Roots magazine comments that "the mighty Northern style of Irish traditional music cruises through their veins". They blend the sounds of Uilleann pipes, tin whistles, fiddle, bodrhan, banjo, mandolin, guitar & bouzouko with great vocals, in a sparkling variety of tender ballads & airs with rousing jigs, reels & polkas. The band toured the area a while back promoting their 'Soh It Is' CD. For more info visit the Craobh Rua website.

CHARIVARI 'A Yuletide Stomp' - A festive mix of dance & music, with songs & theatrical sketches, help you see out the last days of the Millennium in style, all made to Charivari's original receipe! This unique show re-introduces the tradition of dancing to carols, ... apparently carols were originally circle dances, music is provided by musicians playing a variety of instruments, including Russ Ellis (electric guitar & bass, Soprano sax & keyboards), Mike Bettison (melodeon), Lester Simpson (of Coupe Boyes & Simpson / Folkwaves radio show) on highland & lowland pipes, & melodeon, Peter Baynes (ukuleles, mandolin & keyboard), the band are fronted by caller Kim Reuter (caller, baritone sax, musical saw). Between dances the performers will entertain with songs, sketches & a little bit of magic! Charivari from the north are in the process of changing their name, look out in the future for Blaize! They tour our region as part of the Lincolnshire Rural & Community Touring Scheme.

ANTHONY JOHN CLARKE - Anthony is celebrating 10 years as a professional musician with the release of his 6th. album . Perhaps his 2 most famous songs are "The Broken Years", a positive song which drew great praise from Mo Mowlam when she was Sec. of State for Northern Ireland and "Love In A Box" the theme song for the Famous Shoebox Appeal run by Operation Christmas child which saw thousands of children up and down the country collecting shoeboxes full gifts for those less fortunate . Another 2 "Seven In Ireland" and "Irish Eyes" are described as 2 of the best songs ever written about Ireland . Anthony is a tremendous live entertainer, well known for his sense of humour and the diversity of his material. Perhaps his best known song is 'Tuesday Night Is Always Karaoke' but Anthony John not only captures the humorous side of life, but also the heartaches of his homeland in his songs. As they said in Folk Roots "anyone who can write a song about nuns at a karaoke night will always make a living.

COCKERSDALE - Cockersdale have, for many years been one of Britain's leading harmony groups initially basing their repertoire around singer songwriter Keith Marsden's songs. Following his death in 1991 the group reformed, though their repertoire these days stretches beyond that performed before Keith's passing they still perform many of the songs Keith was famed for, newer songs written by Graham and Chris Sugden will also feature in their set. The group who sing their songs unaccompanied by musical instruments have released a number of albums, including 'Wide Open Skies' and 'Picking Sooty Blackberries'.

COFA - Duo featuring Dave Swarbrick & Kevin Dempsey, Dave is one of the living legends of the folk revival, playing with Ian Campbell, Fairport Convention from 1969 - 1984, Whippersnapper & Martin Carthy among many others. One of the great folk fiddle players, Dave's style is unmistakable & his talents multifarious. Despite serious illness last year, Dave is on a new roll, accompanied by long time musical partner Kevin Dempsey (who was a member of Whippersnapper). An accomplished guitarist & versatile performer, Kev has played with some of folk's finest. Cofa was the ancient name for Coventry, where both Dave & Kev live & where much of their inspiration comes from.

JIM COUZA - Virtuoso hammered dulcimer player. Born in Massachusetts, Jim has been a favourite with British audiences since he first played in the UK in 1981. He has been resident here since 1982, he has worked both as a solo performer and with The D'Uberville Ramblers. Jim's mesmerizing playing of the wonderful and unique Appalachian instrument and arrangements of traditional songs many originating from the mountains of America are both captivating & relaxing. A world class musician, Jim has performed on TV shows including BBC One's 'Pebble Mill at One' and ITV's 'Coast To Coast'. His unique skills have been showcased by Icelandic pop star Bjork, Jim playing on her CD 'Post', on national radio, BBC Radio 1 (Andy Kershaw), 2 (Folk On Two) & 4 (The Music Box / BBC Schools Orchestra). More recently he has worked with Peter Gabriel on his special musical production to celebrate the Millennium, 'Ovo' which was performed at Millennium Dome. Jim features on the track 'The Time Of The Turning (reprise) / Weavers Reel'. The hammered dulcimer is a multi stringed instrument whose origins are lost in the mists of time, but probably originated in the middle east and was popular in Eastern Europe, before being taken up by the people who played Old Time music in the USA's Appalachian Mountains. Jim plays & sings old time Mountain music and modern popular and classical pieces. If you haven't heard a hammered dulcimer played professionally, this is as good as it gets! Jim's playing lives long in the memory of those who have seen this popular artist in action.

CATHRYN CRAIG & BRIAN WILLOUGHBY - American singer-songwriter Cathryn is joined by Brian, who is a guitarist with the Strawbs & has previously worked with Mary Hopkin (who sings 'Love Belongs Right Here' on Brian's excellent 1998 CD 'Black & White') for a British tour. The duo perform thought provoking songs including numbers like 'Black & White' which tells the story of the love of a black man & white girl in the southern states back in the 70's - even now old prejudices still remain! Another touching song is 'Alice's Song' written by Brian for his young niece. Cathryn who lives & performs in Nashville has a superb voice, & is a talented songwriter in her own right, & she currently has 2 albums available, 'Porch Songs' (1995) & 'Cathryn Craig' (1997) on Scottish record label Goldrush, 9 Kinnoull St, Perth. PH1 5EN, Scotland. For further info CCS, 10 Rose Terrace, Ashton, Preston, Lancs. PR2 1EB / email

CRASDANT - Saturday the 23rd sees the last concert at Blaxton Live before the summer break. The band are called "Crasdant" and have put a sparkle back into Welsh music. As it's singer/guitarist/dancer Huw Williams says "People think of Wales as a land of brass bands and choirs in matching jumpers, but some of the most haunting airs, jigs, and reels have come from the Hills and Valleys, equal to any Irish or Scottish tune". After witnessing last years show I've got to agree. The four members of Crasdant are:- Robin Huw Bowen (Welsh Triple Harp ~ Robin featured on a tour of Lincolnshire Libriaries a few years back), Stephen Reece (Accordian, Pibgorn and Violin), Andy McLauchlin (Flute, Pibgorn) & Huw Williams (Guitar, Vocals, and feet, he of Huw & Tony fame, Huw of course will need no introduction to Lincolnshire folk audiences!). A mesmerising performance of musicianship song and dance.

ANDREW CRONSHAW - 'On The Shoulders Of The Great Bear' show comes straight to Britain from its debut amid the deep sparkling snows of Kaustinen, a village at the heart of Finland's current burgeoning tradition-rooted music and dance evolution. Music, dance & visual incidents will surround & surprise the audience - sometimes quiet, intense and acoustic & at other times loud, joyous and amplified - all intensified by the creative use of sound, light, silence & darkness. The performers draw the audience into the world of the old, strong ways of Finno-Ugrian runo-song, kantele playing and Siberian bear-feast. Featuring Andrew Cronshaw (zither / kantele / maroventele / fujara / ba-wu, etc), Hannu Saha (kanteles), Ian Blake (reeds / voice), Heikki Laitinen (voice), Jenny Wilhelms (voice / fiddle / hardingfele), Bernard O'Neill (double bass) & Reijo Kela (performance). For more info visit CMN Tours website.

STEVE DAGGETT TRIO - Steve is best known as a keyboard player and guitarist with Lindisfarne on live dates during the late 80's, and as a record producer. Now forging a new career as a singer/songwriter, Steve released an album of his songs last year called Troubadour Territory, which has received great critical acclaim in both the UK and the USA. (see ). He works solo, with an electric band, and (as on this occasion) as an acoustic trio accompanied by Rachel Rhodes (violin, accordion) and Michael Bailey (electric and acoustic basses, mandolin), two very accomplished young musicians from the rich river of musical talent which flows along Tyneside. Support for 28 Jun 2002 gig will be stalwart local acoustic foursome Shoot the Crow. If you were fortunate enough to be present at our opening night at Baileys in June, you will not want to miss this one! Our Christmas party evening features the very welcome return of the Steve Daggett Acoustic Trio, (website <>) who played an amazing set for us on that occasion. Steve is a musician and producer of great experience, as well as an extremely gifted songwriter; he has just finished studio work with Bryan Ferry and Jools Holland for a new album. Currently working with fellow Tynesiders Rachael Rhoades (violin, accordion) and Michael Bailey (bass, vocals), Steve plays guitar and sings songs with an influence of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, David Bowie and his great friend Alan Hull, yet in his own distinctive style. Songs from Steve's critically acclaimed 2001 solo album Troubadour Territory (click here <> to listen to Mandolin Moon) fit seamlessly alongside covers and new songs specially written for the trio - including their newly recorded single Thud, Thwack and Twang. A great roots/blues/country/rock band. Support for the trio's Dec 2002 gig will be Paul Liddell

PAUL LIDDELL - (website <>), a young and very talented acoustic singer and songwriter from Sunderland. He has also been busy recording, and will be performing material from his debut CD Sketchy Little People (click here <> to listen to 10minutetaxiride).

DANÚ - (added Jun 2003) Irish supergroup Danú will be appearing at the Playgoers Riverhead Theatre in Louth on Friday 13th June 2003.Referred to as Ireland's most popular young band on the international festival circuit Danú will give an exciting, vibrant performance of Irish music at its best.

They toured US and Canada in spring 2003, and now have a new singer, not only that but, they also have their first ever female member of Danú. Ciarán, after many years on the road with Danú, is leaving in the hope of pursuing his academic ambitions . So, who is this new female member?? Well she is our new singer and her name is Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh. She comes from a place called Dúinquin, which looks out over the Blasket Islands, in the West Kerry Gaeltacht. She is an absolutely fabulous singer and UK concertgoers will get to hear her first on our June UK tour. You will not be disappointed! Noel Ryan has been replaced by Donal Clancy, son of Liam Clancy on guitar. They are currently making preparations for a 4th Danú Album (the 3rd on the Shanachie label) with our new singer Muireann and details will released soon. The current line up is: Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - (Singer), Donnchadh Gough - (Bodhrán & Uilleann Pipes), Tom Doorley - (Flute and Whistles), Éamon Doorley - (Bouzouki & Fiddle), Benny McCarthy - (Accordeon & Melodeon), Dónal Clancy - (Guitar) and Oisín MacAuley - (Fiddle).

For further info visit the Danú website. Tickets are now on sale at the Riverhead Theatre, Louth. Box office (01507) 600350 10-1 Mon-Sat / ~ Adults £11, Concessions £7 (please note that last folk event at the theatre sold out in advance.)

BRIAN DAWSON - Club favourite known throughout the county having sung and played his accordian in over 300 villages. Brian's main love and interest is in the music and folklore of his native Lincolnshire. He has collected many Lincolnshire songs from people around the county, including the old singers who kept the songs alive in the early years of the 20th century, and people who recall songs they knew as children or recall hearing many years ago. Add to this the many stories of the olden days and Brian's amazing recall of the people, the history and the songs and his audiences are guaranteed a fasinating evening of songs and stories. Currently many of these songs and stories are still part of the folk tradition, handed down by mouth - but surely before too long Brian's work will be recorded as part of the heritage of Lincolnshire!

PAUL DICKINSON & ANGELA KING - Talented duo performing mainly original songs. Paul who plays guitar and sings is also a member of the Old Parrot Band, whilst Angela is also well known around Lincolnshire folk clubs as a solo unaccompanied singer. They released their debut album 'Last Time I Saw Old Joe' in the early 90's, they have steadily added to their repertoire over the ensuing decade and have released an exciting new album 'Hands' in the summer of 2002, which is on sale from gigs priced £10.00. For further details about booking Paul & Angela or purchasing the new album contact Paul tel 01775 723026 or by email for further info visit Goatmusic website.

MAURICE DICKSON - Irish pocket dynamo - singer-songwriter & guitarist, Maurice is described as one of the most talented contemporary solo artists on the festival circuit today. An amazing performer with great stage presence & personality. He started playing at the age of 15, by the age of 20 he turned professional, for years slogging round Europe & North Africa before returning to his native Ireland. In the mid 80's his band R&B band Shades Of Blue were a hot act on the local scene, but he found himself drawn more & more towards the solo acoustic styles. Since 1993 he has worked to develop his own powerful brand of contemporary folk, this won him recognition with the award of winner of the Folk section of the International Showcase at the Limerick Arts Festival. His new & complete style of folk & blues guitar picking & finely crafted lyrics are now his trademark.

DREAM OF ICARUS - An exciting duo featuring Welsh lead guitarist/vocalist Andy Gregory and Californian lead singer Ellie Woodacre. The concept with The Dream is to create a mind-blowing brand of crossover rock from chilled ballads like 'Eternity's Approach' to pop-tastic gems such as 'So Lifted'. An incredible fuse of rock, rap, and dance delivered by great vocals and harmonies. Dream Of Icarus are very strong and quite different from anything around at the moment, they are filling a musical void that's slowly beginning to fill with Dream Of Icarus at the forefront. An album 'Bonfire of Vanities' is already available and DOI have now issued a very strong new EP 'Love Fades Fast'. The next step is gigging which the band plans to do throughout 2003.

ANN DUGGAN - A singer who moves through authentic jazz, sweet soul and classic blues, through the tenderness of folk, the fervour of Gospel and the sensitivity of modern American roots, add the drive of rock andthe feel of funk and a fresh approach to songwriting and arranging has been produced. Ann has recently been compared with having the strenght of Janis Joplin and the subtlety of Eva Cassidy. Her new album 'A Rainy Afternoon In New Orleans' has received critical acclaim.

EAST OF EALING - Orginal & dynamic, 4 roots rockers play an acoustic brew on mandolin, fiddle, double bass, squeeze box, mandola, double necked guitar, mouth harp, piano & drums. Blending Cajun, Celtic, reggae, Russian, Tex-Mex, techno, Greek, groove, South African & Samba styles, East Of Ealing provide all the ingredients for a great party. Check out the East Of Ealing website for details about the band & news of forthcoming gigs.

EDUARDO NIEBLA DUO - The duo comprising of Eduardo Niebla, guitar master, & virtuoso accompanist Giorgio Serci. Their unique style of playing & programme of Flamenco, jazz & Indian fusion makes for an incomparable evening evoking sunshire & sangria & rich cross cultural references. Eduardo has worked with many celebrated musicians, composed orchestral work for films & in 1983 formed his guitar duo, who to date have released 5 albums. The duo have toured throughout Europe, & have recently created a storm in Russia. Eduardo who has been described as a "world class virtuoso" has just released his latest CD 'The Gift'. His music is described as "dramatic & emotional .... full of hot, dark Mediterranean passion". The Eduardo Niebla Trio features Salvador Niebla (drums / percussion) and Migurl Moreno (guitar accompaniment)

ENGLISH ACOUSTIC COLLECTIVE - The EAC brings together three of Britain's finest interpreters of taditional music. Chris Wood (violin & vocals), Robert Harbron (concertina & guitar) & John Dipper (violin / fiddle) blend traditional folk music of these isles and beyond, with compelling contemporary music, stories & songs.

e2k - (formerly Edward II) - bio / info to follow soon - visit e2k Website for further info.

BOB & SHEILA EVERHART - American duo, Bob plays 12 string acoustic guitar & harmonica, his wife Sheila plays upright acoustic bass and fiddle and also clog dances in the old Ozark Mountain style. Their music encompasses traditional country, bluegrass & prairie roots music in the style of Bill & Charlie Munroe (before Flatt & Scruggs), Woody Guthrie, Jimmie Rodgers, Roy Acuff, Hank Williams Snr & Jimmie Driftwood. Bob is also president of the National Traditional Country Music Association of The USA (who sponsor & host the National Old Time Country & Bluegrass Music Festival (this year in Avoca, Iowa ~ 27 Aug to 2 Sep in 2001) and has produced & hosted the national PBS television show 'Old Time Country Music for 7 years & the 'Old Time Music Hour' radio programme. Bob released 6 LP's on the Smithsonian/Folkways label, now available in CD format, 6 Tapes and 2 CD's released on the Prairie Music Records label. For more information about Bob & Sheila visit their Old Time Music website.

EZIO (Feb 2003) - Ezio Lunedei and Mark "Booga" Fowell first came together on the Cambridge music scene in the early '90s, and their special chemistry together, and highly charged performances have since gained them a reputation worldwide. With Ezio's heartfelt singing and charismatic stage presence enhanced by Booga's sparkling acoustic guitar solos, they're famous for the energy, power and magic of their live shows. A hard working, dedicated band, with a dedicated fan base - their 1999 CD, "..Live At The Shepherds Bush Empire" says it all. Visit the Ezio website.

MIKE FENTON - The concert rescheduled from Nov 17 1999. Mike is a multi-instrumentalist, songster & storyteller. This former headmaster now runs music workshops & tours, mainly in the USA. His main instrument is the autoharp, & in 1997 he became an Honoree of The Autoharp Hall Of Fame.

FEREBANDAPERTA - FBA for short are a popular Italian folk group who have been playing & entertaining festival audiences both here both here and in Europe with their blend of traditional folk music. FBA appear in Lincolnshire as part of a tour of the UK, they are also appearing at Anwick and Broadstairs Festival.

FIVE FURIOUS FISH - Fresh from a storming performance at the Cropredy Festival, this West Country high energy dance band play a mixture of cajun, reggae, celtic and funk.

FLY THE HEART - Fly The Heart are a nine piece all-woman a cappella vocal ensemble. Formed in 1997, Fly The Heart will appeal to those who enjoy roots, folk & choral singing. Their demo tape (which we reviewed early in 1999 - see reviews section) was followed up by their debut CD released in the autumn of '99. The group feature some original songs including 'Fly The Heart' written by the group's musical director Sally Brown, as well as a variety of roots & folk songs from around the world, including Africa, Mexico, The Philippines & France. The CD has just been nominated Best World Music Album USA Y2K. For further information about the group contact Liz Underhill tel. 01476 550972 or visit the Fly The Heart website.

FOLKHAM HALL - A lively electric folk rock band playing mainly songs and tunes written by Phil, and a slack handful of covers. Band comprises of.. Phil (mandolin/guitar/lead vocals), Steve (guitar/vocals), Les (sax / harmonica) & Mick (drums, and lead tamborine)

THE FOS BROTHERS BAND (Twin acoustic guitars, violin, mandolin and powerful vocals set in an ambient back drop of drums and percussion. The FOS Brothers fuse their inherited Celtic traditions with passionate original songs awash with fire and vitality. Solid unpretentious stuff from a band who are out to enjoy themselves with the audience. If this is the standard of new acoustic Roots music, put me on the mailing list !(Alan Sturge - Malvern Fringe Festival)

GANDYDANCER STRING BAND - American Bluegrass band from West Virginia featuring Dave Bing (clawhammer banjo / mandolin / guitar), rhythm guitarist Jim Martin who has worked with The Norris Brothers Band (which featured Dwight Diller), Gerry Milnes, Ron Mullennex (banjo, mandolin, fiddle & guitar) & Mark Payne (banjo / guitar)

VIN GARBUTT (Updated Feb 2003) - Vin is regarded as one of the uk's finest artists on the folk circuit! He has a wealth of both original and traditional songs which combined with a rare wit guarantee a superb evenings entertainment. Vin was voted best live act of the year in the radio two folk awards 2001. 1999 marked Vin's 30th anniversary tour & coincided with the release of his latest CD 'Word Of Mouth' which features a number of touching original songs such as 'City Of Angels' & 'John You Have Gone' & songs he has collected on his travels, often from floor singers. These songs are an example of the wealth of talent to be found in our folk clubs & Vin is proud to be able to bring them to a wider audience, the CD includes 'Forty Thieves' written by North Lincolnshire singer songwriter Dave Evardson. He is a major draw on folk scenes around the world - a brilliant songwriter, superb guitarist & tin whistler, whose great 'live' performances are full of humour. His songs have a cutting edge, but are modern folk tales, in which wit & heartache go hand in hand. Vin is truly a wonderful act, come & see a master at work. 'Word Of Mouth' CD available from Home Roots Music, P.O. Box 6, Skelton, Saltburn, Cleveland. TS13 4YT. England. Price £12.00 (includes post & packing) / other CD's available 'The By-Pass Syndrome' / 'Bandalised' / 'Plugged' / 'When The Tide Turns Again' (all £12.00)

E-mail Vin Garbutt / visit Vin Garbutt's current website.

ROBIN GARSIDE - One of the stalwarts of the English folk scene, a regular performer at the Lincoln Folk Festival & the Alford Craft Festival, Robin sings, plays fiddle, guitar, banjo & mandolin & laces his live performances with a liberal dose of droll wit, banter & repartee, as well as some fine folk, blues & contemporary songs.

DICK GAUGHAN - One of the finest & most fiecely committed singer-songwriters this country has ever produced, Dick Gaughan goes on stunning audiences with the power & conviction of his voice & his songs. His 'Handful Of Earth' was voted Folk Album of the 80's by a critics group, while his latest (1998) offering 'Redwood Cathedral' also garnered rave reviews. Gaughan's charisma & intensity remain undiluted!

MARY GAUTHIER (added Apr 2003) - Texas-based singer-songwriter on Bob Harris and Andy Kershaw's play lists. For more info. visit the Mary Gauthier website.

GENTLE UNION - Folk duo Chris (guitar & vocals) & Sheena Liversidge (vocals & whistle) began their career like many performers before them, singing floor spots in their local folk clubs. They include traditional & comtemporary folk songs as well as some folky pop & natural humour in their live performances. They also sing some original material including the hilarious 'Morris Minor' song!

DEREK GIFFORD - Making his debut at Boston Folk Club in November, Derek who is based in Lancashire has a fine voice, with a repertoire of new & old songs, introduced with a gentle sense of humour.

GRACE NOTES - Folk trio featuring Helen Hockenhall (vocals / keyboards) - founder member of Muckram Wakes, she also played with the New Victory Band / Lynda Hardcastle (vocals & recorders) who sung in early 70's band Mountain Ash / Maggie Boyle (vocals, flute, bodrhan). Well known for her work with Steve Tilson, Maggie performed with The Boyle Family in the 70's, & has worked with ex-Pentangle members John Renbourn & Bert Jansch, as well as The Chieftains. They combine their many talents as Grace Notes, performing acapella & accompanied arrangements of traditional & contemporary songs in 3 part harmony. They began performing in 1993, releasing their debut album in 1994, the follow up 'Red Wine & Promises' was released in 1998.

THE GRAND ACOUSTIC ROADSHOW - The Lincolnshire Rural & Community Touring scheme holds a variety of events at village halls in Lincolnshire throughout the year, one such tour comes to the county this week, when people in our area have a great opportunity to see some top musicians performing as part of the Grand Acoustic Roadshow. The Grand Acoustic Roadshow features Pauline Cato, regarded as one of the greatest Northumbrian pipers ever, gifted singer & virtuoso fiddle player Tom McConville, the young guitarist Clive Carroll who amazed the audience at The Lawn in Lincoln with his superb and highly indivual style of playing earlier in the year and Maggie Boyle who is without doubt one of the country's most accomplished & beautiful singers whose ballads, old & new, continue the tradition of music & storytelling passed on by her Irish family. All the artists, who play & sing together, in different combinations during the evening join forces for a grand finale that will provide a memorable ending to an evening of exhilarating acoustic music. For more infomation about the Grand Acoustic Roadshow visit the Pauline Cato & Tom McConville website.

ISAAC GUILLORY - Isaac sadly died of undetected cancer on 31st December 2000. Widely regarded as the best acoustic guitarist in Britain today. A seasoned session musician, including LP's by Elkie Brooks & Al Stewart, he was also a member of the jazz orientated Pacific Eardrum. His sensitive & stylish guitar playing is influenced by various styles of music, including folk, jazz & blues. He also appeared with a band on occasions, the band feature Race Newton (keyboards), Tony Hicks (drums), Tim Stone (guitar) & Dave Sturt (bass). Visit the Isaac Guillory website.

GYPSY REEL - Celtic music in overdrive - exciting American band Gypsy Reel play high energy music rooted in the Celtic tradition but drawing on influences & rhythms from 3 continents. Hot banjoist & songwriter Claudine Langille was formerly with Irish / American fusion band Touchstone; mandolin player Camille Parker captivates audiences with her singing in Spanish & English; British string player Jon Scaife plays mean guitar, fiddle, cittern & bass: whilst Graham Parker (not that one!) can play a huge range fiddle styles. Gypsy Reel kick off their first British tour since 1997 at the Trinity Arts Centre in Gainsborough.

CHRIS HAIGH - Jazz fiddle playing (Grapelli style) from the ex Zumzeux fiddle player, whose no stranger to Lincolnshire, Chris wowed audiences with his playing at the Grimsby International Jazz Festival a few years back.

HAIR OF THE DOG - Folk musicians from the Gainsborough area Geoff Webb, Keith Duke & Karl Thomson - all previously music teachers - came together in 1997 & have already established a big following. The trio perform a wide variety of folk & traditional songs from the 15th century to the present day, & their musical versatility - they play accordion, guitar, flute & synthesiser & all sing - guarantees a uniquely broad & excellent spectrum of musical experience.

TOM HALL & GUY FLETCHER - Colourful Tom Hall is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter & poet, he is accompanied by Guy Fletcher known for his vibrant fiddle playing, an act not to be missed, there is nothing else like it anywhere in the world!

KIERAN HALPIN - Born in Eire, between 1979 & 1982 he worked with Tom McConville together they recorded 2 albums, he returned to Dublin in '82 & recorded his first solo release 'The Man Who Lived In Bottles' in 1983. Following a quiet period in the late 80's Keiran re-emerged in the 90's, recording 'Mission Street' in 1991. Great songs introduced by incisive wit & humour, with his ablility to combine intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics with great melodies. Quite simply Kieran is one of the best contemporary singer / songwriters around . 12 albums in 22 years , recorded in Eire , England , Scotland , USA , Australia and if you include the live album , Norway and Switzerland . His recordings are eagerly awaited by his ever growing legion of fans and media alike and never fail to generate superlatives . There cannot be many artists who do not include some of Kierans material in their repertoire . It is however as a live performer that he really makes his mark . Powerful , passionate , intimate and intense . Kieran's voice has such an edge to it that he sounds like he's living every song . All this underscored by an incisive wit and humour . " Halpin's material is startling for it's sheer class and originality , strong enough to mark him down as one of the finest writers to have emerged in recent years" - Melody Maker . " A Van Morrison for the 90's" - Billboard

JACK HARDY - Jack is one of the most influential songwriters in the USA today. In 1975 he arrived in New York where he helped revive the by then flagging folk scene. His weekly songwriting workshops have had a major effect on literally hundreds of songwriters, some of whom have since become famous, including Steve Forbert, John Gorka & Suzanne Vega. Widely regarded as one of the great ambassadors of American Folk music Jack's songs are steeped in history, politics, mythology & symbolism, all in highly entertaining presentations. His performance is seasoned with humorous anecdotes, interesting footnotes, & draws from an everchanging repertoire which with 11 CD's still available is hardly surprising.

TIM HARRISON - Canadian singer songwriter legend. Tim we believe is undertaking his first ever British tour, & as many artists have discovered, Lincolnshire audiences are very appreciative of musicians who stop by in this, one of Britain's most rural counties. He released his 5th album 'Bridges' in 1997. Tim is a great lyricist, his songs being powerful & poetic, & so alive with passion & pain, they can both tear the heart & heal the soul. Influenced by other great Canadian performers, Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Tim's searing voice reaches into the heart, demanding to be heard. Tim will be joined by the excellent guitarist Jim Condie, who has worked with Van Morrison, & appeared in the county with Mose Scarlett, Tam White & Penny Lang.

CHRISTOPHER HAWLEY & HEATHER OGREN - Singer songwriting Duo from Colorado USA. Heather, who was actually born in Louth & spent her early years in Lincolnshire will be opening for Christopher. She performs a combination of her own songs and popular folk music, including numbers by Joni Mitchell & Natilie Merchant. A student in the Classical Guitar Program at CU Boulder she combines her classical guitar technique with a more modern approach to lyrical folk music. Heather has released a 4-song demo CD, Crickets in my Backyard, her lyrics are inspired by a combination of her love for nature and her experiences living in many places. She has spent many years in Europe and looks forward to returning on this tour. For the second part of the evening sit back & enjoy the guitar & song writing of Christopher Hawley, who began to study the guitar at age twelve, developing his distinct fingerstyle technique through a classical repertoire. His love of rock and roll led him in and out of several bands during his high school and college years. Chris has been inspired by jazz guitarists such as Django Reinhardt & Grant Green, Eric Clapton whilst he developed his slide technique after listening to Duane Allman's slide work. Each musical experience sharpened his composition skills, while each personal experience gave him some of the subject matter for his songs. Christopher has toured the East Coast and Colorado several times, & has recently completed his second tour of America's West Coast, which coincided with the release of his new acoustic album, which was released May 28th. 'Naked Songs' is so named for its collection of stripped down songs, which focus only on the essential guitar and vocal and convey the raw feelings of each song. His songs are influenced by a variety of styles, jazz, blues, bluegrass, folk & even classical. Together, these two performers provide a perfect balance of acoustic music, appropriate for a wide variety of audiences. They perform two separate sets, although they collaborate on some songs.

For further info ~ Email /

CAROLYN HESTER ( with David Blume) (Apr 2003) - One of the USA's truly revered artists. Credited with the discovery of the young Bob Dylan when he played harmonica on one of her albums. Born in Texas. A vocal style similar to Joan Baez . A wonderful clear voice . Her repertoire is an eclectic mix of southern - flavoured originals , long standing favorites and not a few traditional songs from this side of the water. This is a real treat. If you want more info there are several web sites around just key in her name and hit search.

DAN HICKIN - (added Jun 2003) Lincolnshire based singer songwriter who has performed his self penned songs at Alford & Boston folk clubs. Dan is currently looking for venues to play at. For more information visit the Dan Hickin website.

SAMANTHA HOLMES - Samantha (of Dark Lantern) returns to the UK acoustic scene with some exciting new guitar pieces and songs. The classically trained guitarist

THE HOOLEYS - A 5 piece Lincoln based energetic Irish influenced contemporary folk band, combining fiddle, banjo, bodhran, guitar & bass to produce lively & evocative music. The band are currently concentrating their efforts recording tunes & songs for a CD release in the spring, look out for gigs to promote its release. For further info. E-mail The Hooleys.

HORSE'S MOUTH BAND - Formerly the resident band at the Horse and Groom in Holbeach but changed the name following the sale of the pub. A six piece band playing mostly folk with some country thrown in.

HUMDINGER - Fiery fiddle from Julie, finger picking banjo & guitar from Graham & guitar from Jim are the basic ingredients for Humdinger's bluegrass, folk & blues songs & tunes, add double bass & guest musicians to their line up, + beer & a lively night's music is assured! (Fridays - Marmion Arms, Haltham)

INTERNAZIONALE - Lincoln based band with folk, jazz & rock influences. The band were featured on Tom Lane's BBC Radio Lincolnshire folk show earlier in the year. Members of the band include Nick Svarc (son of Karl Svarc) and Damo (drummer with Agebady a few years back and who also plays with one of Britain's top blues bands Out Of The Blue on occasions). For further information about the band visit the Internazionale website,

KATE JACOBS - American singer-songwriter KATE JACOBS returns to the UK in September, following her successful UK debut last Autumn and enthusiastically- received album, "Hydrangea". This time Kate will be carrying her first two US-released albums "The Calm Comes After" and "What About Regret", seeing their debut release in this country on 11th September through Small Pond via Eastcentralone. Kate will also be accompanied by her five month old baby, Edward Thomas Jacobs Horan, sampling his first exciting taste of life on tour!
Kate is currently resident in Hoboken, New Jersey. Her latest album, "Hydrangea" is a warm and engaging collection of vignettes drawn from diaries and journals found in the attic of her parents two hundred-year-old farmhouse. Kate has an ear for a country-tinged rock song, and aiding and abetting her on the album to this end are the likes of Dave Schramm (he's worked with such outré talents as The Replacements and Yo La Tengo), Vicki Peterson (ex-of The Bangles), and Peter Holsapple (of The dbs, REM and Hootie & The Blowfish). Likened to Victoria Williams and Julie Miller, she toured solo last year as part of the New Acoustic Music Week. She went down brilliantly to audiences totally unaware of her music. "Hydrangea" garnered 5 star reviews in The Guardian and Daily Express and wonderful praise in The Times, MOJO and Time Out.

"With deep family roots in both America and Russia, Jacobs is a singer/songwriter whose music and lyrics convey a uniquely skewed sense of place and time. Full of lullabies, folk and country, this is a gentle, passionate and impressive collection of songs." - (5/6 'Excellent') - The Express

"A beguiling gem, Kate Jacobs' album is an unexpected triumph. Jacobs, from New York State, has made a contemporary American folk classic." - (8/10) The Times

"This is a magical thing, a humbly engaging and warmly impressive work. Here are songs that are sensitive and knowing, evocative and true. 'Hydrangea' is a delightful work of lingering hope, pep, pop and sadness." - Time Out

KAI JENSEN - Started his career by busking on the streets (which he still does today, between concerts!). Kai is a unique songwriter & a performer of such great talent that Bob Dylan invited him to play at a private party to celebrate his 40th birthday. Like many he has not had the commercial success his undoubted talent deserves, 'like a pearl in a polluted sea of chart orientated musical garbage, Kai is always there shining & singing his beautiful songs ~ & you don't have to dive deep to find him'.

BILL JONES BAND - Bill (Belinda) is getting great reviews for her solo work and for her 2 CDs (recorded at Birdsedge in Brian Bedford's [of Artisan] studio) - and she's now going on the road with her first band tour - and she's pulled together a great set of musicians. Bill's playing keyboards, accordion, whistles and flute as usual - and singing of course - and then there's Roger Wilson (fiddle/guitar), Miranda Sykes from Spalding playing double bass and Keith Angel (percussion.)

BILL JONES & MIRANDA SYKES - Bill (Belinda) Jones (Horizon Award Winner for the Best Newcomer of 2001 and Spalding's very own Miranda Sykes make for a very special duo. Bill is building a reputation as 'the new Kate Rusby' but she also has a distinctive sound which is all her own. Not only does she have a sweet soulful voice, she also playes accordion, piano & flute. Double bass player Miranda has toured with the internationally renowned folk rock band Pressgang, as well as working as a solo performer and with Roger Wilson. She is also a member of the Bill Jones Band.

BILL JONES - Rising young star of folk, Bill (short for Belinda) sings a spirited mix of Irish, Scottish & English traditional & self penned songs, accompanying herself on piano & accordion. (She is also an accomplished flute & Irish whistle player.) Her debut CD 'Turn To Me' featuring new interpretations of traditional songs & tunes, lively jigs, beautiful ballads that will tug at your heart & tales that enthral released earlier in the year is receiving critical acclaim, with airplay bringing her remarkable talent to new audiences (such as ourselves!). Her concert sets are memorable for the range of emotion & fresh approach she brings to her music, which appeals equally to die hard devotees of acoustic music & newcomers to the genre. 'Bill has a beauiful voice with a slight huskiness that prickles your neck ..... she delivered one of the finest set at the festival ... ' (Rusty & Stu Wright - Fylde Folk Festival). It was Bill's wonderful singing & piano work that caught our ear immediately on a Folkwaves programme a few weeks back, she already has a busy schedule of club & festival appearances during the summer, it 's fortunate that Bill has been able to fit in an appearance at the Heart Of Lincolnshire Club (her first appearance in the county) prior to appearing at the Redditch Folk Festival, where she won the 1999 Redditch Singer Of The Year competition. "Bill also proved to be one of the hits of Redditch '99. Her singing & playing of a well though out mix of traditional & contemporary material visibly impressed an audience used to a diet of the best, & only the best. This young woman need only carry on the way she's already going to be one of the stars of the field within a very short time" (Andrew Fletcher - Redditch Folk Festival). A few days after her appearance at our club she is recording a session for BBC Radio 2's Folk Programme - soon many more will be aware of this young, enthusiastic & innovative musician, don't miss the opportunity to see a star of the future in the intimate setting of your local folk club! Bill releases her 2nd CD 'Panchpuran' (a Hindi expression that literally means five spices) on Mon 7th May 2001.

Visit Bill's website

The Bill Jones Trio (touring Autumn 2002) features Bill, Miranda Sykes and Sarah Wright (from Ola / ex Kathryn Tickell Band)


(Old site address)


WIZZ JONES - Seasoned guitarist who began his career after seeing Muddy Waters, Big Bill Broonzy & Jack Elliot in 1957. Inspired by the blues, Wizz busked his way round Europe & Africa, before forming a bluegrass duo in the 60's with Pete Stanley. The 70's found Wizz performing with his group Lazy Farmer, his musical sojourn continues into the 21st century & he still plays many blues numbers that inspired him all those years back.


DOLORES & SEAN KEANE - For the first time 2 of Ireland's greatest singers tour the UK together. Dolores began her professional career in the 70's, when she worked with De Dannan. She performed on the million selling 90's album 'A Woman's Heart'. Brother Sean was voted Male Performer Of The Year by the readers of Irish Music Magazine in 1997, & 1998. Their show together will feature an inimitable mix from all shades of song based musical traditions - folk, country & rock - Sean's rich, distinctively smooth voice, in company with an exceptionally fiery guitar based band, complements Dolores more strident style & preference for piano based material, each will perform solo material as well as duets.

KEEPERS LOCK - Trio performing songs and stories about England's canals and waterways. For more info visit the Keepers Lock website.

NANCY KERR & JAMES FAGAN - BBC Radio Horizon Award Winners for the best new act of 1999. Nancy & James form a truly trans-global duo, they have been enthralling audiences on both sides of the world since their first appearance together in 1996 & draw on diverse influences and styles. Together, Nancy & James have become well-known for their rhythmic, harmony rich music, which ranges from the lyrical ballad to high energy footstomping dance tunes. Nancy is the daughter of musician & songwriter Sandra Kerr, she has a distinctive singing voice & exquisite fiddle / viola style that is highly regarded. With influences including shepherd fiddler Willie Taylor & her father, a Northumbrian piper, Nancy has made the music of Northumberland her speciality. James comes from a background of established Australian folk singers & musicians 'The Fagans' and is known for his outstanding playing & strong clear voice. He has played many instruments over the years, but now specialises in singing & playing flat-backed bouzouki (similar to a mandolin) with a particular interest in rhythmic accompaniment of traditional dance music. "a class act which both sparkles and has substance" (Living Tradition)

SIBONGILE KHUMALO - Sibongile is a vocal powerhouse, a diva for the 21st century, she has one of the greatest voices to emerge from Africa, which she uses to deliver an exciting repertoire of 21st century South African songs. A singer of extrordinary range of styles and skills, an a fine exponent of township styles, an experimental jazz singer, she is also a distinguished classical mezzo soprano as well as being the star in a series of musicals. Described by The Johannesburg Journal as "The Queen of South African Jazz, the Empress of Song". Playing to packed audiences at Ronnie Scott's and The Barbican in 2000, she returns to the UK with an all star band, including Tony Remy (guitar), Stephane San Juan (drums), Dudley Phillips (bass), Jason Yarde (alto-sax) and Steve Lodder (keys). Her May 2002 tour covers just 4 venues, as well as the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, she and her band are appearing in Lincolnshire, at Spilsby.

KILBRIDE BROTHERS - The rarest of animals, a band that is exactly what it appears to be - 3 brothers who grew up with instruments they learned as children. With Bernard & Gerald both playing fiddle & Daniel on guitar, their repertoire is of traditional acoustic music from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany & North America, with exciting arrangements from Danny's rock / jazz style acoustic guitar playing. Also featuring Tony Williams on double bass, great musicians, great fun!

JOHN KIRKPATRICK - PRESS RELEASE. - INTERNATIONAL FOLK SUPERSTAR PLAYS IN WEST BUTTERWICK - John Kirkpatrick will be making a return visit to West Butterwick Village Hall (south of junction 2 of M180 and near Scunthorpe) on Saturday 9 March for an afternoon workshop on Playing for Dancing and later that evening for a concert with local groups Carillion and The Best of Intentions. John is a master of the diatonic accordian and concertina, and has been at the forefront of innovative folk music in Britain since the late 60's. He has played with Albion Band, Steeleye Span, Richard Thompson Band, Brass Monkey as well as establishing himself as a brilliant solo act. The afternoon workshop will be suitable for any instrumentalists and will build on the great work done to date in the area by that innovative folk dance club, AVID. It is from 2-5pm.The evening concert starts at 8pm.This is a date not to be missed 51; whether you are a folkie or not.Tickets for the afternoon workshop are £2, and for the evening concert £5 (£2.50 for children and senior citizens). They can be obtained from Peter Barnard on 01427 873937 or on the door.

JOHN KIRKPATRICK - 'Quite simply the best squeeze box player in this 'sceptred isle'!' - From the late 60's John has been been at the very forefront of innovative folk music in Britain, & has played with The Albion Band, Steeleye Span, Richard Thompson Band, & more latterly Brass Monkey. An evening of variety & entertainment, as John displays his dazzling mastery, his love of folk tradition coupled with a sense of the dramatic, mixed with fun.

JOHN KIRKPATRICK & ALISTAIR ANDERSON - Two top musicians combine their collective talents to produce a great night of traditional & contemporary music, presented with humour. Alistair, who appeared at Stamford Arts Centre in Sept 98, has been at the forefront of traditional music for nigh on 30 years, & is internationally renowned as the master of the English concertina, he also plays Northumbrian smallpipes. "Anderson's concertina pours out melody like molten metal - all glowing intensity & spitting sparks ... music to stir the spirit" (The Guardian). He is joined by another brilliant live performer, accordion & mellodeon player John Kirkpatrick, whose dazzling mastery of technique & his love of the folk tradition are mixed with a sense of dramtic & a sense of fun. He has performed as a solo artist & with many top folk / folk rock acts including Steeleye Span & The Albion Band.

PETER KNIGHT & FELCITY BUIRSKI - Singer songwriter & poet Felicity is joined by Steeleye Span fiddle player Peter Knight, in a unique pairing. Felicity's work has been recently selected alongside Elton John & Sinead O'Connor for the soundtrack of the film 'Perfect Moments'. The album 'Repairs & Alterations' was awarded 'best folk album' in the CD Hi Fi music awards. Many people will already be familiar with Peter's superb fiddle playing, a truly amazing live performer, Peter has been a member of Steeleye since 1971, his easy going manner with fans showed me (Tom) that people regarded as stars are pleased to meet their fans & to spend time talking to them after gigs, thus Peter can be regarded as one of the reasons that Fizgig came about several years later, cause if people like him take the time .... so can we!

PENNY LANG - Dubbed 'Silverwolf' by the Canadian media, this small fiftysomething commands attention. She has a voice that caresses, strong & true. Her songs are emotionally powerful observations of the human conditions, sometimes poignant, always memorable. Penny's interpretations of folk, blues, country & gospel standards have gained her a large & devoted following. A reputation as 'first lady of Canadian folk' 'blues legend' & 'country mama' are well deserved tributes to a woman who has paid her dues. From her own well crafted songs like 'I've Been Living With The Blues' & 'Frankie & Johnny', Penny provides a rollicking good night! (booking advised 01522 750702)

RICHARD LANGRIDGE - Amateur musician based in Lincolnshire. Richard plays acoustic guitar and sings, he has also teamed up with violinist & singer Kathryn O'Connor. They perform original songs and covers, mostly folk/easy listening material. Richard released a CD 'In The Blink Of An Eye' in 2001 featuring 9 original songs about life & life experiences. Its available for just £7.00 (incl. p&p), order your copy from the Richard Langridge website, where you can also find details of Richard's gigs and his art work. (Richard is also a painter).

ROBIN LAING - Singer, guitarist, writer of Union Canal, Edinburgh Skyline, Burke & Hare & his show the 'Angel's Share' a celebration of whisky.

LAST NIGHT'S FUN - Trio featuring dazzling concertina player Chris Sherburn, the rich vocals of Denny Bartley and Nick Scott's haunting pipes. They bring fresh interpretations of traditional Irish music and were voted Band Of The Festival at Speyfest 2000.

LAST NIGHT'S FUN - Featuring Irish born and bred Denny Bartley on guitar and vocals, Nick Scott; England's finest uilleann piper; and Chris Sherburn, probably the world's finest concertina player (behind Noel Hill of course!), Last Night's Fun are widely regarded as the most talented and entertaining traditional Irish band in England. They really have to be seen to be believed, embodying a fire and passion for traditional Irish music not seen since The Bothy Band and Planxty, and when you've had them once, you'll always have them back. They are great people to have a festival, being known as much for their humour as their music. Having thrilled festival crowds at Towersey, Brampton, Warwick, Crawley, Gosport, Ely and Wimborne IN 2002, Last Night's Fun are already booked at Celtic Connections and Trowbridge IN 2003. For more info visit Last Night's Fun website.

CHRISTIAN LAVERICK - Lincoln based singer songwrtier, Chris has recently signed to 'A New Day' Records, who also include artists such as Blodwyn Pig. He will be recording the follow up album to his excellent debut CD 'Forget' this Autumn. This talented singer / songwriter / acoustic guitarist has supported some top names on the folk circuit, including the Oysterband, whilst his songs contain elements of folk, Chris puts the emphasis on personnel feelings, rather than handed down stories, giving his songs a powerful & often haunting base. Early 2000 finds him working on his second album, due for release in late spring, entitled 'Change Of Heart' Mick Abrahams will be guesting on a couple of tracks. Visit his webpages at

JACKIE LEVEN - A formidable singer, guitarist, songwriter & storyteller from the 'Kingdom Of Fife', whose work has, with justification has been described as 'celtic soul'. Formerly a member of the rock band Doll By Doll, Jackie more recently has toured as a solo performer, recording the widely acclaimed "The Mystery Of Love Is Greater Than The Mystery Of Death" album, & follow up albums such as "Fairytales For Hard Men" & his latest offering "Night Lilies". Jackie makes a rare appearance in the area on Oct , when you can savour the candour, tenderness & raw power that characterises his live performances.

LITTLE JOHNNY ENGLAND - Five piece band who put rock back into folk rock with their mix of self penned an traditional songs and blistering instrumentals. Their line-up is impressive, Gareth Turner (melodeons) of the Phil Beer Band & ex Ashley Hutchings Dance Band, P.J. Wright (electric slide guitar & vocals) from the Dylan Project and the Steve Gibbons Band, Guy Fletcher (fiddle) from Dansaul & Tickled Pink, Mat Davies (bass) & Edd Frost (drums) from Clarion. They are the most exciting band to emerge on the roots & folk scene for many years, & they have played at both Cropredy & Wiltshire Festivals.

JON LOOMES (Feb 2003) - A major new voice in English traditional music. Breathtaking guitar work and astonishing multi-instrumentalism. A young performer who has recently been selected by TAPS (Traditional Arts Projects) to work with Jez Lowe as his mentor on their 'passing notes' scheme to develop the careers of newfolk musicians. Jon plays (mainly!) guitar, fiddle, melodeon, English concertina and Hurdy Gurdy. To hear some of Jon's music click here.

LOS PACAMINOS - Los Pacaminos are a band you can absolutely count on for a great night out! While the name may mean little (as yet) to music lovers, at least one member of this highly respected group will be very familiar. The Tex-Mex outfit is led by one of the UK's finest and best loved vocalists - Paul Young. Paul is not the only luminary in the seven piece band, however. Some of the best musicians in the business have teamed up to present the incendiary mix of Tex-Mex classics, Spanish songs and original material that make up the music of Los Pacaminos.

Los Pacaminos first came together in 1995, the result of Paul's desire to get back to basics. As he explains "I was between record labels and writing material for a new album but I wanted to play live again. I've always loved the Tex-Mex sound and knew a few musicians who had a similar passion for this type of music. So I asked them to join me in forming a band. It started out just for fun, playing simply for the pleasure of it, and it just took off from there. What's really nice is that everyone else in the band can sing too, and they do, all in their own very different styles. It's real bar room stuff, foot stompers, not too many slow songs - a real party atmosphere!" As for the name70; "Los Pacaminos? It means nothing! It's a nonsense phrase we chose, which is close to the term "Pack'em in" meaning the audience. Apparently it is also similar to an Argentine name for street boys which is OK too!"

Tex-Mex music is somewhere between the Mariachi and Norteno styles of Mexico and the country/blues sounds of South-Western America. The band empathises with Ry Cooder, Flaco Jiminez, The Texas Tornadoes, Los Lobos and Sir Douglas Quintet. (Their set includes songs like "Wooly Bully" the national anthem "La Bamba" and sometimes, if enough tequila is flowing, even "Speedy Gonzales"70;) The band's long-awaited first album is suitably titled "Los Pacaminos" and is out on What Records and distributed through ID/Universal, it features 12 great tracks guaranteed to get your pulse racing and the dancing shoes on. Full track listing reads as follows: My My My; Manana; Perdita; La Mesa; Shadows on the Rise; Raised on Margaritas; Poor Boys; Handsome Man; Tico; Do We Want The Same Things; Two Margaritas; Tierra D'Ensuenos.

The band comprise some of the best known names in the business. From a variety of backgrounds they've covered all kinds of music but are all in accord on one - the sound that's brought them together as Los Pacaminos. The line-up is as follows:

Drew Barfield: Guitar / Vocals. From A&M signings The Keys and The Big Heat, his song-writing credits include Go West, Joe Jackson, Paul Young and Level 42.

Melvyn Duffy: Pedal steel. Probably the finest young pedal steel guitar player in Britain, his credits include Jimmy Nail, Leo Sayer, and Deana Carter while his most recent tour was with Robbie Williams.

Steve Greetham: Bass / Vocals. Has worked with Joan Armatrading, Paul Young, Julia Fordham and Chris De Burgh.

Matt Irving: Keyboards / Accordion / Vocals. Has played with a whole host of artists including Lords Of The New Church, Paul Young, Squeeze, Chris Rea, Jools Holland, Roger Waters and Manfred Mann.

Jamie Moses: Guitar / Vocals. An accomplished session player, he's worked with The Pretenders, Mike And The Mechanics, Chaka Khan, Gary Barlow, Mica Paris, Tony Hadley, Pete Townsend, Karl Wallinger, Paul Rodgers, Curtis Stiegers and Dave Stewart70;to name but a few.

Mark Pinder: Drums. Several renowned cult acts claimed Mark's services including the Vampire Bats From Lewisham and Zaine Griff before he headed off to join Paul Young and Alison Moyet.

Paul Young: Guitar / Vocals. Needs little introduction70;from his days with Q -Tips to his number one solo hits "Wherever I Lay My Hat" and "Come Back And Stay", as well as "Every Time You Go Away", his hit albums and his collaboration with top Italian star Zucchero, Paul has always been loved for his unique vocal style and great personality.

JEZ LOWE & THE BAD PENNIES - One of England's best . 12 albums in 22 years , his songs have been covered by Fairport Convention , The Dubliners , The Tannahill Weavers , The McCalmans and literally hundreds more . A firm favorite with concert goers around the globe he tours solo and with The Bad Pennies who's current line up is Andy May , Simon Haworth and Kate Bramley . The band provide vocals , guitar , mandocello , harmonica , bass , keyboards , percussion , fiddle and viola . Cracking stuff . Contemporary folk at it's best.

JEZ LUTON - He caught the eye of Tom Paxton following an impromptu performance after Tom's gig in Grantham a few years back, he has since supported Tom on tours. Jez's CD 'Language of The Heart' has received airplay on local BBC stations, including Mick Smith's Country Music Show. The CD includes a number of original songs & the Richard Thompson classic 'Beeswing'. Vikki Clayton also features on the album.

CATRIONA MacDONALD - Young Shetland fiddle player Catriona is one of the late master fiddle player Tom Anderson's star pupils. She won the BBC Young Tradition Award in 1992, played in the opening concert of the 1986 Commonwealth Games & the Cambridge & Sidmouth Folk Festivals. She also remains intensely passionate about the music of the Shetlands. Catriona has just released her debut solo CD (Peerie Angel label) entitled 'Bold. For further info visit Peerie Angel website

MAGIC - Not the Queen tribute band! Christmas comes early to Boston, with the debut appearance at Boston Folk Club by the highly praised duo Keith & Julia Christmas. Keith first appeared on the music scene in 1969 with the album 'Stimulus' which was similar to some of Al Stewart's work. Keith supported many of the top bands of the day including The Who & Roxy Music, despite his obvious talent he lacked commerical success, he initally retired from the music scene in 1981, but returned in the late 80's playing on the folk club circuit. Joined by Julia, together they perform original compositions with roots in contemporary folk, blues, country & rock. Their act has been described as 'red hot'

Check out their website at:

e-mail -


MALINKY - One of the brightest young bands on the always vibrant Scottish folk scene. The band's line up includes Karine Polwart (now also with The Battlefield Band) on vocals, Mark Dunlop (bodhran), Kit Patterson (fiddles) & Steve Byrne (vocals & guitar). Malinky represent the best of the 'new' Celtic traditional sound, as displayed by the 2000 Celtic Connections where they won a Danny Award. They released their highly acclaimed debut album 'Last Leaves' on Greentrax records and featured in fRoots last summer.

MAMBO JAMBO - 14 piece band perform raunchy tropical dance music from South America, with a decidedly contemporary feel. With members from backgrounds in rock, classical & jazz, Mambo Jambo are as ecletic as it gets, but expect raunchy mambo (like the Guinness ads), lambada, salsa and guarachas, as well as jazz swing that would make Duke Ellington proud!

MARBELLA - Ten piece Latin American band from Columbia, Marbella draw on the traditional & contemporary sounds of the Caribbean Coast, from African tambores to the mystical sound of the American Gaitas (pipes); to the banda music of the streets and the big bands of the 50's; from explosive salsa, Columbian style to the sweet catchy melodies of traditional vallenato. Featuring three vocalists, a horn section, bass tiple, guitar, tambours, percussion & gaitas, this is a storming 10 piece band rarely seen in the UK.

JOHN MARTYN - One of Britain's most unique guitar stylists, he has always had his own inimitable style and sound. John first started playing on the London folk scene in the 60's, & was the first white solo artist to be signed to Island Records - whilst his roots are in folk (John comments that folk clubs were the only places that would let him play!), his work draws influences from jazz and rock, & he has worked with people such as Steve Winwood, Phil Collins & Burning Spear. He has over the years produced many albums, including such classics at 'Solid Air', 'One World', the innovative 'The Tumbler' & his latest album 'Glasgow Walker' - though commerical success has eluded him. An interesting fact is that his CD single 'Angeline' was the world's first commerically released CD single! John and his band are back on tour in early 2001.

IAIN MATTHEWS & AD VANDERVEEN -Iain Matthews and Ad Vanderveen combine their many talents on their 'Iainadventure' 2002 British Tour, the tour takes them to theatres and arts centres around the UK, however with no arts centre in the Lincoln area, there is one of the few opportunities to catch the duo performing in an intimate pub setting when they are the guests of the Workhouse Folk & Blues Club at the Black Horse in Nettleham. Iain began his musical career playing in Lincolnshire folk clubs before becoming a founder member of Fairport Convention, and later with his own band Matthew's Southern Comfort, having a number one hit with Joni Mitchell's song 'Woodstock'. A prolific songwriter in his own right Iain has featured prominently on 39 albums, the latest being 2000's 'The Iain Ad Venture' which featured Dutch singer songwriter and guitarist Ad Vanderveen. Ad had founded country rock band Personnel who made a big impact on the European scene in the early 90's, having a hit single with 'Everybody Knows'. He formed The O'Neils in 1998 who perform classic Neil Young material, but continued to work as a solo artist as well.

IAIN MATTHEWS - Iain returns to his home county, as part of his 'A Tiniest Wham' Tour. One of Britain's finest singers, Iain Matthews' sublime vioce & guitar playing are legendary. He was a co-founder of Fairport Convention with Richard Thompson, Ashley Hutchings & Simon Nicol, and of Plainsong with Andy Roberts. For many though, Iain will be familiar as the voice & playing behind the number one hit record by Matthews Southern Comfort, 'Woodstock' (written by Joni Mitchell). His solo career spans an incredible 30 years, 1999 saw him touring with Nanci Griffith, & his own band Plainsong. A long time resident of Austin in Texas, the optimist from Scunthorpe plays his first ever solo concert in the Brigg area as part of a 12 date British tour to promote his new album 'A Tiniest Wham' which contains more tingling acoustic power, semi clad emotion and lip smacking harmony than is legally permittied. Iain is accompanied on the tour by Ad Vanderveen (guitar, harmonica, dobro) ~ Ad's recordings with The O'Neils, Flaco Jiminez & his solo output have won him a huge following in Holland. Tickets for the concert at Brigg will be available from Record Village in Scunthorpe priced £7.50 (tel 01724 851048)

SIMON MAYER & HILARY JAMES - Simon described as 'Britian's leading hot-fingered mandolin virtuoso' (Cosmpolitan), Hilary 'one of Britain's finest voices' (BBC Radio 4) combine to create an evening of musical enjoyment you'll never forget. Mayer and James can and do play almost anything - from a mandolin & guitar version of Handal's 'Queen Of Sheba' to lyrical Irish ballads - with lots of banter & some comic songs along the way.

RORY McLEOD & AIMEE LEONARD - A self taught one-man world music phenomenon, Rory whose style encompasses flamenco & blues through to celtic & calypso rhythms, joins forces with Orkney bodrhan player Aimee, a member of celtic band Aman, Aimee is also self taught, she has developed her own distinctive, contemporary & funky style. Together they create an extrordinary musical cocktail.

THE MELLSTOCK BAND - Great exponents of the music of Thomas Hardy's Wessex, but they draw on living traditions from all over the country to create a vital present day experience. Christmas comes early with this heart warming show, celebrating the festive season in words & music. With songs from Dickens, Hardy, Elliot & others, the band will banish the winter blues & look forward to log fires, mince pies & spirits of all kinds!

MARILYN MIDDLETON POLLACK - Rarely performs in Lincolnshire, Marilyn is known both as a folk performer (releasing CD 'Doll House') & as a jazz blues singer of note, in the past performing a stage type show relaying the story of a singer who travelled to Chicago to sing the blues. We have only just received details of the gig at Spalding, we presume Marilyn will be performing her folk set, with a few blues songs.

BILLY MITCHELL - A real veteran of British acoustic music, Billy Mitchell first found fame with The Callies in the early 1970's. When the original line-up of Lindisfarne decided to call it a day in 1973, Billy joined several ex-members to form Jack the Lad. This fondly remembered Geordie good-time folk/rock/blues/vaudeville/you name it band was a fixture at outdoor festivals and on the UK college gig circuit throughout the mid 70's. Billy subsequently became half of legendary comedy duo Maxie and Mitch; rumour has it that they played their first gig in Durham jail, and went down so well that they stayed on for another two years..... In 1996 Billy joined the current Lindisfarne line up. Following a sell-out 42-date UK spring tour, Billy has been touring the USA as one-third of an unplugged acoustic version of the band during the summer. With Billy's extensive repertoire of original numbers, interesting covers and almost certainly the odd Lindisfarne classic, an evening of good songs and great humour is on the cards.

MOONCOIN - Trio whose diverse range of music encompasses many folk traditions as well as contemporary inflences. The group's repertoire is drawn from across Europe, the blending of these styles gives Mooncoin an exciting and distinctive sound, that is both entertaining and emotive. Their material is taken from the traditions of Ireland, Sweden and England, tunes are given a fresh new interpretation and the individual Mooncoin twist to produce something magical. The warm rich vocals of front girl Chris Schwabe give great clarity and style to the band's songs, whilst her whistle and melodeon playing can raise hairs on the back of your neck. Alongside a musician who has played for many years in everything from chamber orchestras to rock bands, fiddler Ulrich Schwabe plays with an impressive dexterity and flow, contrasted by his syncopated rhythms and clever, sometimes unexpected, jazz harmonies. The band's line-up is completed by acoustic guitarist "Skryp" who is better known for his powerful electric guitar playing in a series of folk rock bands in the '80's and '90's . His unique style combines intricate finger picking with driving chords, provides a strong and compelling nucleus to the band's distinctive sound. Mooncoin combine outstanding musical ability with verve and a love of playing that comes across whether the band are blowing up a storm at a major international festival or performing in an intimate venue. The band have released three CD's, 'Mooncoin' (1996), 'Eclipse' (1999) and their latest CD 'A Fathomless Sea'. For more information about the group visit the Mooncoin website.

PETE MORTON - This powerful & charismatic singer / songwriter performs his own material with a few well chosen traditional numbers for good measure. Pete imbues his songs with a mature sense of hope, distilling issues into easily accessible vignettes & anthems. An energtic & engaging performer who one minute will be fervently putting the world to rights, the next displaying a gentler side, with a thoughtful love song. Pete started his musical career in a school punk band, his songs still have a rockier edge.

MUNDY-TURNER - Delightful duo featuring Jay Turner originally from UK & his lovely Australian wife Cath Mundy. Two talented songwriters, Mundy-Turner's live performances feature their original songs, accompanied by Jay's guitar and Cath's fiddle & keyboards. Their songs are often triggered from news items, recalling the modern sometimes distressing world we all live in. Their a capella song, the first they composed together, 'Little Birds' written after reading an article about North Eastern Brazil, entitled 'The Women Who Have Learnt Not To Cry' is especially touching. The couple spent a number of years in the Australian town of Cairns meeting up with Nigel Pegrum the former Steeleye Span drummer, he features on their albums, as both drummer, engineer and producer. Autumn 2000 sees the duo touring the UK to promote their new CD 'Naked' featuring 14 original songs with only a few bits subtle percussion from Nigel, the album is basically just the two of them. The previous album by the duo 'Highlife' features a number of guest musicians playing a variety of instruments, including didgeridoo & even some brass. They have also released 'The Sun Sessions' - all albums are available via the Mundy-Turner website. Following the demands of their ever increasing audience, their latest CD 'Wholly Road!' was recorded totally live and acoustic. E-Mail Newsletters regarding Cath & Jay's latest news, tours etc can be obtained by e-mailing Sue McKoy their mailing list manager. Cath & Jay love receiving e-mails from fans email them at:

BRIEGE MURPHY - Long time friend of Rosemary Woods (who appears on the same bill as Briege at the Black Horse). In recent times she has appeared at the Cambridge Folk Festival, The Belfast Festival at Queens & the Shetland Folk Festival. Her self penned songs have been recorded by various artists including Frances Black & Niamh Parsons.

JULIE MURPHY - Widely regarded as having one of Britian's finest folk voices, Julie current live musical projects sees her working with Kate Ronconi-Woollard on fiddle & crwth & Dylan Fowler on acoustic guitar & mandocello.

PAPA 'NONO' NOEL & ADAN PEDROSO - Papa 'Nono' Noel is one of the greats of Conglese music, a torch bearer for Congalese music. A guitarist with a career that stretches back to the beginnings of the modern rumba sound. Of his music he says 'I bring with me the old style of music, the stuff that originated in the 50's & 60's. The music that we created in Paris in the 90's, the musicthat I play today, is a development of that older style'. His work with Adan Pedroso, the guitarist with roots band Aseres, has developed out of a long standing passion for Cuban music.

TIM O'BRIEN & 'THE CROSSING' - Based on Tim O'Brien's brilliant album The Crossing inspired by Irish, Scottish & English immigration experience in the US, as well as Tim's own personal reach back to his own roots, the tour will feature US artists Tim O'Brien (guitar, mandolin, mandola, bouzouki, fiddle & vocals), & Darrell Scott (guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals), from England leading acoustic & electric bassist Danny Thompson (who's worked with Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, Pentangle etc), singer songwriter & guitarist Kate Rusby, who was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize & winner of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, from Ireland leading multi-instrumentalist Mairtin O'Connor (accordion & fiddle) & completing a remarkable line-up on fiddle, keyboards, mandolin, whistles & cittern - leading member of top Scottish band, The Battlefield Band & all Scotland champion - John McCusker.

HEATHER OGREN - The Heart Of Lincolnshire Folk, Roots & Blues Club welcome back Heather Ogren, a young performer who first appeared at the club in October 2000. She plays original songs which are often influenced by nature and travel. Certainly travel is one thing that Heather loves to do! Now based in Colorado USA, Heather actually lived for a time in Louth, she has toured throughout the UK and Europe as well as her homeland, but she always loves to return to Lincolnshire and she is delighted to have the opportunity to play once again for the county's music fans. She has studied classical guitar technique and she combines this style with a modern approach to lyrical folk music. She released the EP CD 'Crickets in my Backyard' prior to her last visit.

OLD PARROT BAND - A well regarded & versitile Lincolnshire band, the band are one of the area's premier ceilidh bands, whilst they have a multitude of songwriters in their line-up allowing them to perform concert sets too. The Parrots are Paul Dickinson (vocals, guitar & concertina, etc), Christine Dickinson (percussion), John Sykes (melodeon, guitar & vocals), Penny Sykes (vocals, soprano sax & keyboards) & new recruit Steve Redshaw (mandolin, guitars, etc). Penny wrote the winning entry in 1997 Folk Song for Lincolnshire contest ('Swing Bridge'), They released the CD 'In Between The Dances' in 1996, the follow up to the 'Polly On The Floor' LP released some years back, which features the band's lively ceilidh tunes. 2002 finds the band releasing a third album entitled 'The Old Swing Bridge'. (tel 01775 640476 for details) - website

OLD ROPE STRING BAND - Descibed by one top promoter in our area as 'one of the funniest acts he'd ever witnessed'. The worlds of traditional music & clowning collide here at the cutting edge of music hall. The trio's music is an infectious mix of paso dobles, polkas, jigs, reels, tangos & songs from Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia & beyond, played on fiddle, banjo, trombone, accordion & trumpet, this they combine with zany comedy in visual extravagana of gymnatics, including tumbling, juggling, music played upside down as well as clog dancing, & even South African Welling Boot dancing, well don't ask us, get along to see them in action!

OLDTROUT BAND - Working mainly in Hampshire & Home Counties but have been further afield (Germany), the Old Trout Band are normally a seven piece band with an unusual instrument line up (banjo, recorder, melodeon, tuba, keyboards & percussion + full sound rig contact via email: or 01256 791898 Pete Finucane.

TANIA OPLAND & MIKE FREEMAN - Tania from the USA & Mike from England form an intriguing duo who play a fine mix of American traditional & contemporary songs & tunes, with excellent guitar, fiddle & hammered dulcimer, backing & exotic percussion. Tania, whose home is on an Indian reservation in Suquamish, Washington State sings in 5 different languages (mostly English!) & plays a number of different instruments to concert standard. The duo who appeared at the first East Kirkby Folk Festival in 1997, along with William Pint & Felicia Dale & Artisan, make a welcome return to our area.

RIK PALIERI - American singer songwriter, of Italian & Polish descent, Rik performs both original & traditional songs on a variety of instruments, including the banjo, 6 & 12 string guitars, mouth bow, native American flute & Polish bagpipes. Described by Pete Seeger as "one of the most unusual musicians in the world" whilst the organiser of the American Folk Song Festival describes his music as "marvellous, the variety is astounding & the sounds he produces are beyond belief". He released his fifth album 'Panning For Gold' in 1997, & includes songs that became favourites of audiences who witnessed his first tour of England in 1999, songs such as 'Ghosts On The Highway' & 'Plant A Tree'. Rik enjoyed his time here so much that he is back! There is to our knowledge just one opportunity to see this fine performer in our area, when he appears at Old Nicks Tavern in Horncastle. Rik has travelled with America's hobo's, jumping trains, playing & talking to these fasinating characters. With the advent of the 21st Century a way of life is disappearing, yet more people through the internet can find out more of the life & songs of the hobo's from a website dedicated to these men. Travel with The Hobo's.

PARCEL OF ROGUES - Folk harmony group who take their name from the Steeleye Span album of the same name, a term given to the English, in the song 'Rogues In A Nation' by the Scottish.

GENE PARSONS & MERIDIAN GREEN - A rare UK appearance by former Byrd Gene Parsons who is doing a short mini- tour of the region as part of a larger UK tour! Gene will be appearing with his musical partner and wife, Meridian Green, at 3 venues in our region.

Gene had a musical partnership for many years with the late great country rock and bluegrass guitarist Clarence White. Inspired by Clarence's playing Gene invented and patented the "Stringbender" a guitar gizmo that bends notes and is now used by the likes of Jimmy Page, The Eagles and even Metallica, as well as countless other country and rock artists. Gene plays a multitude of instruments including guitar, banjo, drums , pedal steel and harmonica.

He joined the Byrds in 1968, recording 5 albums with them including 'Ballad Of Easy Rider' and 'Untitled'. Gene left the band in 73 to record his excellent solo album 'Kindling' on the Warner Brothers label, playing most of the instruments himself alongside a few invited guests. He also recorded a couple of studio albums with the mid- seventies Flying Burrito Brothers and In between working on his stringbender invention and installing the device in countless guitars, Gene released a second solo album "Melodies" in 1980, as well as recording with numerous big names including The Everly Brothers, Randy Newman, Arlo Guthrie and even the legendary country rocker Gram Parsons(no relation by the way). In fact Gene was asked to join the original "Flying Burrito Brothers" in 1968 but opted for The Byrds instead and he was also invited by Lowell George to join the original "Little Feat" around the same time, again opting for the security of a regular pay cheque.

In 1986 he wed silver voiced singer songwriter Meridian Green, who happens to be the daughter of American folk legend Bob Gibson. Bob was part of the early 60's Greenwich Village scene and Meridian had the opportunity to hear first hand the likes of Tim Hardin, Cass Elliott, The Lovin'Spoonful and Josh White in clubs like The Bitter End and The Night Owl. In 87 she recorded "Birds Of A Feather" with Gene Parsons as "Parsons Green" and has just released her first solo album "In The Heart Of This Town" which includes a version of the folk standard "Abilene" co-written by her late father Bob Gibson. Gene and Meridian live in Casper, California where their Stringbender business is based and where they're also currently building a house. There will also be a support slot on both evenings from Lincolnshire outfit "Ploughmens Bunch" a folk, blues, country ensemble making their debut at both venues.

(With thanks to Steve Jackson, music writer for The Grimsby Evening Telegraph who supplied the info for this piece.)

ROD PATERSON - Scottish singer / songwriter / guitarist. Ex Easy Club & Ceolbeg, who's versatile singing voice enables him to deliver songs as diverse as Burns ballads & Gershwin hits.

PATRICK STREET - Irish folk supergroup, featuring Kevin Burke (fiddle), Andy Irvine (guitar, mandolin, bouzuki & harmonica), Jack Daly (accordian) & Arty McGlynn (guitar) - band members have played in other top folk bands including The Bothy Band, Planxty & Four Men & A Dog. Their dance tunes, songs & ballads are extremely popular with American audiences, as well as in the UK.

TOM PAXTON - An American folk legend, known for popular children's songs, as well as romantic & protest songs, it was as early as 1960 when Tom Paxton first sung on the Greenwich Village Coffee House circuit, later he wrote songs such as 'Goin' To The Zoo' & 'The Last Thing On My Mind'. Despite the slump in popularity of folk music over the succeeding decades, Tom Paxton has retained his loyal following throughout his remarkable career which has spanned almost 40 years.

JACQUI McSHEE'S PENTANGLE - The combination of jazz and folk music has never sounded so natural, the two great examples of the peoples' music meeting in one thrilling whole! 30 years on, Jacqui a founder member of the original band has formed a new and sparkling Pentangle. Under her leadership the first lady of jazz / folk is joined by Gerry Conway (drums), Spencer Cozens (keyboards), Alan Thompson (bass) and Jerry Underwood (sax). A multi-talented line up, Gerry was a member of Fotheringay & has worked with Cat Stevens and Richard Thompson, Spencer has worked with John Martyn & Julia Fordham, Alan has also worked with John Martyn as well as Rick Wakeman and Bo Diddley, whilst Jerry has worked with Andy Sheppard. Their last album 'Passe Avant' created a stunning backdrop for a combination of original, traditional and contemporary material. Pushing boundaries Pentangle set folk songs against exotic worldscapes, jazz sensibilities and bold fresh arrangements. The band released their new CD 'In A Little Theatre' on 25th Sept 2000, to coincide with their autumn tour when the band will be appearing at little theatres up and down the country. As well as new material, the band will include imaginative new arrangements of old Pentangle favourites, at the heart of which Jacqui McShee's rich, warm vocals draw on the character & heritage of the songs.

PERFECT HOUSEPLANTS - A Jazzy combo featuring Huw Warren - who has recently accompanied June Tabor - showcase their new work 'New Folk Songs', blending folk material into a unique contemporary fusion.

BRIAN PETERS - Traditional & contemporary folk music performed with passion on guitar, melodeon & concertina by one of the British folk scenes finest ambassadors. His 1989 album 'Fools Of Fortune' was voted Folk Roots album of the year. Expect an evening of top class entertainment when Brian performs!

PIERCE PETTIS + JULIE LEE + BRIAN HOUSTON (Feb 2003) - Triple bill headed by Alabama songwriter Pierce Pettis ...a true American folk artist who has won an international following, & the respect of his colleagues too, for his insightful and evocative lyrics and his powerful & original melodies. Also tonight the very welcome return of Nashville's Julie Lee, whose inspired singing made such an impression on everyone at her Carnival debut in August. Opening the show is singer-songwriter Brian Houston - a cult figure in his home town of Belfast, and now making waves on a much wider stage with his up-front and powerful performances. Visit the artists' websites: Pierce Pettis website / Julie Lee website / Brian Houston website.

ROD PICOTT - USA Singer songwriter who Americana style music in influenced by soft style blues. Rod who makes in debut in Lincolnshire in Feb 2002, was played 'live' on the Bob Harris show broadcast from Nashville in Nov 2001. For more information visit the Rod Picott website.

WILLIAM PINT & FELICIA DALE - A return visit by the Seattle based duo, who toured UK in 1997 appearing at East Kirkby Folk Fest & some local clubs. The duo perform a mix of traditional & trad based music inspired by the sea, with a rare subtlety, varied instrumentation, a wide open sense of rhythmic possiblities coupled with 2 very fine voices. Felicia plays Hurdy Gurdy & tin whistle her full bodied alto voice sounds reminscent of June Tabor at times, whilst William plays guitar ~ together they take sea music to places its never been before!

SAM PIRT - A member of 422 who were voted BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Performers of the Year in 1999, Sam who is one of Britain's top accordionists rarely appears in Lincolnshire, either with 422, or as a solo artist. He is the guest of Lindum Accordion Club in Feb 2002. For more information visit the Sam Pirt website. The Sam Pirt Band features David Wood (guitar / vocals), Simon Haworth (of Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies) and Stewart Hardy (ex John Wright Band).

POOKS HILL - (updated Jul 2003) ~ 6 piece folk/celtic rock band, based in Peterborough area comprising of guitars,mandolin,bass drums,fiddle,whistles, flute & saxophone. They cover a wide range of material including Irish traditional and modern folk (Waterboys, Wolfstone.Gliondar) as well as their own material. The band are currently looking for new venues to play at and have a CD which they are happy to provide in advance to give a flavour of their performances. The band are appearing at Peterborough Beer Festival in Aug 2003, and are also releasing a new CD in the summer. A website is due to be an running soon too. For further details Email Roger Panton at

THE POOZIES - Fabulous nationally & internationally renowned four-girl folk band. From Karen Tweed's mercurial accordion style to the soft inquisitive tones of Eilidh Shaw's singing, to the earthy traditional Gaelic songs & tunes from Patsy Seddon & Mary Macmaster, The Poozies blend their musical & life experiences, producing an unusual & vibrant style of music that has no boundries. A rollercoaster of emotions, one minute evoking heaven with their harmony singing, the next they'll have you rolling in the aisles with their wacky sense of humour. Their sound which appeals to all age groups, is truly unique, no other line-up boasts the cosmic & funky bass sounds of the Camac electro-harp, combined with the clarity & richness of the metal & gutstringed harps. The inspirationally sensitive use of the accordion to accompany song is matched only by the verve with which it can leap into a set of original or traditional song, backed by the suble rhythms & textures of the guitar or given the edge & bite by timely twin fiddles.

GRAHAM & EILEEN PRATT - Fine vocals, guitar, keyboard & concertina combine to bring an enthralling evening of the traditional, contemporary & self penned music & 2 part unaccompanied harmony singing. 1997 saw the release of the CD 'Borders of The Ocean'.

PRESSGANG - Making a rare appearance in the county & bringing the best in Festival folk, this high energy act. who have recently released a live CD entitled 'Movers & Shakers' feature Lincolnshire musician Miranda Sykes on double bass. The internationally known folk rock act's line up is completed by George Whitfield (accordion, whistles, vocals), Damian Clarke (guitar, vocals) & Tony Lyons (percussion & dulcimer).

PSALMS FROM THE HORSES MOUTH - A magical storytelling & musical perfomance exploring the ancient relationship between horse & man. 'Psalms ...' is performed by 2 of the country's foremost storytellers & musicians - Hugh Lupton & Chris Wood - in a unique collaboration. Through words & music, poetry & song, Hugh & Chris explore & celebrate the magical connection, the companionship & the mystery between people & horses which has been with us since Palaeolithic times as seen in cave paintings of wild horses. Throughout time this relationship has continued, until some 70 years ago when the internal combusion engine has servered the link, for most of us. At the heart of this performance is the narrative poem 'The Horses', a story that begins in the East of England a 100 years ago. It follows the life of Jenny Wing, a horseman's daughter. The slow disappearance of the horse from the landscape mirrors the aspirations & disappointments of Jenny's lifetime. Folk musician Chris Wood is probably the leading folk fiddler of his generation, he is also a great teller of tales in his own right. The music, original & traditional, underscores & weaves in & out of the spoken narrative. (suitable for children from 10 years upwards).

PATRICK PURVES - Born in Jaffa, Patrick comes from a non-musical background. A self taught blues harmonica player, he took up the tin whistle in his 20's, and later the melodeon, bagpipes, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, piano, spoons, etc. Patrick, in common with artists such as Turlough O'Carolan, Stevie Wonder, Blind Lemon and others cannot read music, and has always found this helpful!!!

BART RAMSEY & NETI VAAN - New Orleans based duo who last toured our area a couple of years back, as the duo Zing Zang. Bart plays guitar & keyboards, whilst Neti plays the fiddle, together they bring great songs & border-hopping fiddle tunes as guests of the rural & community touring scheme, to the village halls around Lincolnshire & other parts of the UK, including The Shetland Islands. They have recently released a new CD entitles 'Little Red Wagon'. email or

EDDI READER - Eddi came from Glasgow to London in the 80's & soon gained a reputation for being one of Britain's most sought after session vocalists. She has toured with acts such as The Eurythmics & The Gang Of Four, but is perhaps best remembered for her time with the band Fairground Attraction, whose album 'First Of A Million Kisses' & single 'Perfect' both topped the British charts. Since then she has carved out a solo career, with several successful albums and appearance at the Cambridge Folk Festival.

REAL TIME - This new band and line-up are making big waves already! Scottish borderer Kenny Speirs (ex John Wright Band), Judy Dinning (Bad Pennies, etc) and young fiddle maestro Joe Wright (ex John Wright Band) deliver amazing vocals, guitar, fiddle & mandolin, via their own fresh material and traditional tunes from both banks of the Tweed. For more info visit Oscars Folk website.

COLIN REID - "Colin reminds me of myself & John Renborn fused together" (Bert Jansch). Colin is one of the guests at this years Stamford Folk & Blues Guitar Festival, the clues are there, Colin 'will leave you spellbound' with his playing, held seamlessly together with fusions of folk, country, jazz, ragtime or classical influences. Outstanding reviews in the national press, where a Guardian reviewer described his playing as "even more fluid live than on record .... brilliant stuff" (Robin Denselow). Andy Gill of the Independent described "his ability as simply outstanding". With Colin embarking on his biggest British tour to date in June & July 2000, there's a perfect opportunity to see for yourselves. Further info & sound clips visit the Colin Reid webpages or e-mail.

JOHN RENBOURN - A regular visitor to our area, John has recently released a well received new album 'The Travellers Prayer'. This remarkable musician has been playing since the 60's, collaborating with many musicians, including Bert Jansch with whom he worked in the ground breaking jazz folk band Pentangle. His work encompasses many styles, including country blues, acoustic folk & medieval guitar pieces. An exceptional guitarist whose work is respected by stars & fans alike.

JOHN RENBOURN & ALEX DE GRASSI - Alex is one of the world's top fingerstyle, steel string guitarists, a virtuoso of multiple melodies & string purcussion. He heard a lot of classic rock & blues around San Francisco during the late 60's & early 70's but his primary inspiration come from fingerstyle acoustic players like Jon Renbourn, who shares the stage on this double bill, & American innovators Leo Kottke & John Fahey. Rarely seen in the UK, Alex was one of the few guitarists that helped to launch the US New Age record label, Wyndham Hill in the 70's.

KATHRYN ROBERTS & SEAN LAKEMAN - Kathryn has "One of the best voices on the scene" (Mike Harding - BBC Radio 2 - Nov 21 2001), and as Mike said its great for folk club audiences to have the opportunity to hear Kathryn singing in Britain's folk clubs again. Kathryn and Sean from the folk-rock crossover band Equation return to their roots, it is sure to be a memorable experience for those lucky enough to witness these special shows in small folk clubs such as The Heart Of Lincolnshire Club. It is long overdue that Kathryn Roberts returns to her roots as a folk singer of the highest calibre. Not since her renowned award winning partnership with Kate Rusby has Kathryn focused on the folk clubs that nurtured her musical career. Now with fellow 'Equation' member guitarist Sean Lakeman she hopes to re-capture the inspiring rapport that exists between performer and audience in the intimate folk club setting. With an eclectic repertoire of traditional songs alongside favourites from the likes of Randy Newman and Suzanne Vega, Kathryn and Sean wear their roots and influences proudly on their sleeves. As the lead singer for the well-known Folk-Rock Crossover band 'Equation', Kathryn has toured the world with the group and continues to play to packed houses from Los Angeles to Lisbon. Her commitments with Equation mean that opportunities for folk club appearances are limited, but playing the clubs is something that is close to her heart, and we are delighted that one of the club's she will be appearing at is The Heart Of Lincolnshire club. Sean shares her affection as his early career was also launched upon the folk club circuit, both as an accompanist to geordie fiddle favourite Tom McConville and with his two siblings as 'The Lakeman Brothers'. The duo debuted their 'folk' set at the Holmfirth Folk Festival and at the Loughborough Folk Club where their roof rattling live performances were laced with a selection of fiery traditional songs and covers of songs written by some of the greatest singer-songwriters. Make sure you save a little of your Christmas money because its rumoured that Kathryn and Sean will record a 'limited run' CD to accompany their Winter tour. For more information about Kathryn and Sean visit the Equation website.

LIAM ROBINSON & THOMAS FAIRBAIRN (updated Feb 2003) - Liam Robinson and Thomas Fairbairn are an exciting young duo who constantly push back the boundaries of their instruments to create truly breathtaking and beautiful music which is influenced by music from around the world. Their varied repertoire includes traditional material from Europe and North America, as well as swing jazz and many self penned pieces. For more info visit the duo's website.

Liam Robinson has appeared at the Heart Of Lincolnshire Club on several occasions as a guest musician with visiting artists, including Suzy Martell. He has been playing diatonic accordion for a number of years playing in folk dance and ceilidh bands, including The Little Band. He has a huge interest in squeeze box music from around the world, another passion is improvisation which led to a collaboration with students from Leeds College Of Music in the band Internationale, whose EP received airplay on European radio stations and interest from as far afield as the USA.

Thomas Fairbairn is an amazing young fiddle player from Manchester, a master of the violin with a great knowledge of many styles. Still in his late teens, Thomas has already been a member of the Fosbrooks group from Stockport, moving on to help with teaching there. In a move that those knowledgeable in folk traditions might compare to 'taking coals to Newcastle' Thomas recently taught a fiddle group in the Shetlands who went on to win first prize in a highland fiddle competition. His command of the fiddle and the maturity of his approach are amazing but even more impressive is his natural feel for the music he plays, be it from the Scottish, Irish or American Appalachian traditions or jazz styles.

ABDUL TEE JAY'S ROKOTO - In the late 80's Abdul Tee Jay's Rokoto, from Sierra Leone, began to purvey a tight expert mixture of highlife, which in its original dance band form was a blend of European jazz-band instrumentation mixed with local Akan & Ga rhythms, given added spice by a variety of Latin, calypso & soukous. The 'highlife' term came from the smart dress adopted by the relatively prosperous audiences that were attracted to this exciting new musical form in the 20's. The group's debut LP 'Kankakura' was written entirely by Tee-Jay. With their highly dancable blend of jangly guitar, hip shaking percussion, spirit rousing vocals & the sunniest sounds around, the organisers defy anyone to remain seated!

CHELLE ROSE - A USA based Americana singer songwriter whose music leans towards country, Chelle who played 'live' on the Bob Harris show broadcast from Nashville in Nov 2001, makes her Lincolnshire debut in Feb 2002 at Barton On Humber. For more information visit the Chelle Rose website.

ROSIANNA CEILIDH BAND - Acoustic / Electric ceilidh band playing British & Appalachian traditional music, contact Chris Marshall 01724 763464 or Gerry Fillingham 01724 338040 or E-mail

DAVID ROVICS - American Folk / Bluegrass musician & singer / songwriter, David has performed throughout North America in folk clubs, coffeehouses, Union Halls, & Festivals as a solo performer. During his extensive travels in America & Europe, David has collected a vast library of material, from well known, little known & unknown songwriters. He re-invigorates traditional ballads & puts his own unique stamp on the songs of such immortals as Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Jim Page & Christy Moore, as well as Phil Ochs, to whom he has often been compared. David's own songwriting covers a variety of subjects, his 1998 album 'We Just Want The World' features 14 original songs, whilst 'Pay Day At Coal Creek' (1998) is a collection of old work songs, labour & hobo songs. David Rovics is appearing at the Crawley Folk Festival followed by a British tour in July, including the Heart Of Lincolnshire Folk, Roots & Blues Club. For more information about David & to hear some of his music please visit his webpages.

KATE RUSBY - 'A gorgeous singer, understated yet deeply emotional' (Mojo). The brightest star of the new folk revival, Kate goes from strength to strength. Mercury prize runner-up in 1999 & top Radio 2 Folk Award winner in 2000. She is loved by audiences & hugely admired by fellow musicians. With "a voice that sounds like it is descended straight from the angels" (Q magazine) & the sweetest personality on the folk scene, Kate has lots of new material in her repertoire.

KATE RUSBY BAND - Folk's finest the KATE RUSBY BAND return to De Montfort Hall on Saturday 21 September at 8pm. Kate is at the forefront of a new generation of influential young British singers taking acoustic music to new realms of popularity. Her latest tour of the UK rounds off an already successful year for the Northern lass with the voice of an angel. At the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Kate picked up the Best Original Song Award for Lullabies, taken from her third solo album Little Lights. She cuts a tiny figure on the stage as she sings heart-stopping ballads about death, destruction, jealousy and unrequited love; "castle knocking down songs" as she calls them. She's still only 20-something but Kate can't be described as a rising star any more. Not when she's had two albums Hourglass and Sleepless selling like Yorkshire Puddings. Not when she's had everyone from Bonnie Raitt and Richard Thompson to Andy Kershaw and Jo Whiley singing her praises. Not when she's been headlining major festivals all over Europe. Kate's still very much a down to earth Yorkshire lass who many first saw performing in their local folk club. When she went along to receive her Mercury Music Prize for the album Sleepless in 1999, she told the suited and booted audience of industry high flyers in her glorious Barnsley accent "I'm dead proud to be a folk singer me70;". Her band sports heavyweight folk names such as long term collaborator and husband John McCusker on fiddle, Andy Cutting on diatonic accordion, flute man Michael McGoldrick, guitarist Ian Carr and Andy Steward on double and electric bass. Expect a wonderfully entertaining evening of English folk song at its very best. Tickets for the concert at the De Montfort Hall are priced at £14 and £12 with concessions at £13 and £11. To book call the Box Office at dmh on 0116 233 3111 or go to for more information. For further information please contact Mark Merrifield at De Montfort Hall on 0116 233 3116 or via email

TOM RUSSELL - Contemporary American singer songwriter of cult status, makes a rare appearance in our area. Very popular in Europe, especially Norway. His songs are written about a variety of subjects, old steel towns (U.S. Steel), the death of Bill Haley (Haley's Comet) & a down & old blues singer (Blue Wing). Tom's songs have been covered by many other artists including Nanci Griffith, Johnny Cash, Suzy Bogguss & by locally appearing country artists such as Mervyn J. Futter. After a spell away from the music scene, Tom returned starting his own record label 'Trail Music' in the 80's. A performer who crosses a number of musical boundaries, including folk, country & blues. He tours with top class guitarist Andrew Hardin.

ST AGNES FOUNTAIN - Four of the brighest lights on the acoustic music scene come together for an extrordinary evening of festive delights. Chris While, Julie Matthews, Chris Leslie and David Hughes present a unique show consiting of seasonal songs and instrumentals interwoven with the spoken word. For more information, tour details and recording info visit the St Agnes Fountain website.

SANDFLY - (updated May 2003) Sleaford based 4 piece electric folk band with strong local following. The band was founded by Heidi & Mary (of Kindred Spirits) + Gordon Hewitt (on guitar) in 1999. Since then Heidi has left, and Geoff who plays acoustic guitar & bass has joined the group. Sandfly perform their own material some of which can be found on their debut CD 'What Rhymes With Lobster' released in 2000. During 2000 they played gigs across 5 counties, & also appeared at the Gastonbury Festival (Avalon Field). The band will be releasing their new CD 'A Tale Of Power' in May 2003, which will feature a mixture of electric and acoustic tracks. Priced at £6.00 (just 50p for each original song). For further info email

COLUM SANDS - A member of the internationally renowned Sands Family, over the past 25 years Colum has appeared both with them & as a solo performer in 26 countries, recording about as many albums along the way. He grew up in a family of musicians in one of Ireland's last great ceilidh houses in County Down, learning to play guitar, concertina, & like his father & grandfather before him, the fiddle. Over the years many famous artists have covered Colum's compositions including Tommy Makem, Liam Clancy, Roy Bailey, June Tabor & Maddy Prior. His second album was even the subject of a special documentary. Needless to say Colum has picked up countless stories & songs on his travels & he weaves these into his performances in an effortless style mixed with a marvellous tongue in cheek sense of humour.

SCALENE - Trio featuring Sandra Kerr (concertina / vocals) & her daugher Nancy (fiddle & vocals) from Northumberland, & Australian James Fagan (guitar / vocals). This talented group take their name from a Scalene triangle (a triangle with 3 sides of differing lengths, converts to 3 people of different heights, hence Scalene). Their live set includes a fine mix of traditional tunes & songs from their native lands, as well as some self penned jigs such as 'The First Ten Years' written by Sandra to celebrate The Oyster Band's 10th anniversary. Sandra also wrote the theme tune for the TV programme 'Bagpuss', check out the Bagpuss website or the Fellside website

SCOLD'S BRIDLE - Liz & Sue offer songs ancient & modern, seasoned with warmth and wit and are the perfect act for a listening audience which is keen to participate. They make hearts swell, feet tap and tears flow with their evocative sets. Visit the Scold's Bridle website.

KIM SEYMOUR - Building a growing reputation on the circuit, Kim recently supported Amazing Blondel at the Welton Festival, where he was a great success. (More info to follow when we locate the leaflet about Kim in our files!)

SHAMUS O'BLIVION & THE MEGADEATH MORRISMEN - Rock influenced Celtic music, both traditional Irish & Scottish tunes & songs, performed in their own inimitable way, ie hard edged and superfast! With an outlandish stage show that is both very visual and highly amusing. Their shows have a wide appeal and its not uncommon for leather clad bikers to be dancing with blue-rinse grannies! For more info visit Shamas O'Blivion website.

SHIKISHA - Shikisha means 'Belt it out, sing and dance like you've never danced before' and that's exactly what they do! - With intoxicating rhythms, powerful voices & eye-catching beadwork costumes, Shikisha mix the traditional Zulu, Sotho, Xhosa & Shangaan dances, chants & drumming of the day to day tribal life with original songs set to township music.

SHOOT THE CROW! - It's a phrase mainly used by contractors and it means "to leave work early". It has nothing to do with hurting any animals or anything else for that matter.

It started as a duet with Denny Rock and Ian Maver around July 1993. They both have always had a great love for music. After seeing the likes of Neil Young, Van Morrison and The Saw Doctors at Slane Castle in Ireland they returned home to write their first song entitled "Slane Pilgrims". Ian had a book full of poems that he had penned over a number of years. Denny had many, many tunes buzzing around in his head so the two of them decided to have a go at song writing and formed SHOOT the CROW! All their songs are written by Denny and Ian and they can be played by one or more persons. Very much an acoustic sound and most songs are about real life and real people. Not exactly a young band, average age 40 +. The new line up for 2002 is Denny Rock, Ian Maver, Trev Cunnington and Butch.. Trev has been in the band about two years, Butch about two months. The band has had many line ups. Usually friends helping out at gigs or in the recording studio. Their music could come under the category of "and now for something completely different".

Their achievements since are as follows: Entered several talent competitions. "Did quite well". Recorded one cassette single 1996. "Hey Mr. Government". Tribute to Dunblane. 4 tracks. Recorded one CD album 1998 "Friday Night Classics" 10 Tracks. Performed live on BBC Radio Humberside twice.

They have supported a number of top acts including Lindisfarne, China Crisis, Wishbone Ash, Croker & Phillips (Notting Hillbillies), Amazing Blondel, John Hutchinson (who played with David Bowie 1973 ) and Clive Gregson. The band draw on a variety of Musical influences including Mike Scott of "The Waterboys", Mike Peters from "The Alarm". Clive Gregson.The Levellers.

The band cite their ambitions as: To have recognition with at least one their songs by themselves or a well known recording artist. Doesn't matter who. To play in the Live Lounge, Radio One. Would like to tour with one of the above mentioned artists. To put their music and age group on the music map in the charts. Their plans for 2002 include to record 2nd CD with at least 12 tracks. They have got 15 new songs ready and are in the process of setting a date to record them in the summer. To promote the band and play plenty of gigs promoting their new material.

Author: Denny Rock. 7th April 200270;Cleethorpes, N.E. Lincolnshire. / Tel No: 01472 591831. E 51; mail:

EMILY SLADE - Emily credits her immersion in folk music from an early age as her inspiration to take up playing the guitar at the age of nine, Thirteen years on, Emily is an outstanding guitarist, and dabbles with the banjo, melodeon & keyboards. Her study of English has led to a natural development of her songwriting talents, her songs are captivatingly fresh and original in style, but despite her skills as a writer Emily has not turned her back on her musical roots. Emily's repertoire is vast and flexible, ranging from traditional and contemporary folk music to self penned songs & popular contemporary music. Her musical arrangements bleed an interwoven fusion of styles, showing traces of traditional folk with a rock and blues tilt. Emily has supported some top name artists including Martin Carthy & Norma Waterson, Show Of Hands, Fairport Convention, Martin Stephenson & even ex Feelgoods guitarist Wilko Johnson. "this gifted singer-guitarist .... is a name to watch out for, as she is manifestly heading for wide appeal & great demand" (Linda Fryd, Hollybush Folk Club). Emily has released a demo cd of 5 songs entitled 'Small Talk, Grand Ideas', followed by the full length album 'Shire Boy' released in the summer of 2001, a CD which includes a number of original songs, including the memorable 'Ladders To Grass'. For more information about this talented young performer visit the Emily Slade website

CHRIS & LINDA SIMPSON - Chris Simpson was a founder member of Magna Carta in 1969, the band whose work bridged the gap between folk & folk rock continued with various line-ups throughout the 70's and 80's, members during this period included guitarist Davy Johnstone (who later worked with Elton John), Paul Burgess (ex 10 C.C. more latterly with the Norman Beaker Band), & Tom McConville. Linda Taylor joined the band in the early 80's, marrying Chris in 1990. As well as band commitments Chris & Linda work as a duo, performing a timeless mix of acoustic classics and new material.

LESTER SIMPSON - Melodeon & small pipe player Lester opens our Autumn season. Best known as a member of a cappela trio Coupe, Boyes & Simpson, Lester has recently released his debut CD 'One' & his date at the Heart Of Lincolnshire Club will be one of a number on a British Tour to promote his CD which has received air play on BBC Radio 2. Lester was also featured on a session on the Mike Harding Folk show earlier in the summer. Multi - talented Lester is a singer, songwriter, actor, musician & sailor. He works with the internationally acclaimed a cappella trio Coope Boyes & Simpson. His work in file & theatre includes a period with the Royal Shakespeare Company at The Barbican Theatre in London. A talented writer Lester has written commissioned works for 'Kershaw Comes Home' (BBC Radio 1), Peace Concerts Passendale, 'The Belper Suite' (Belpher Millennium Celebrations) and 'The March Of Time' for Wellingborough Council. He has performed no both national and European TV and radio, including several sessions for BBC Radio's 1, 2, and 4, the latest being a summer 2000 session playing tracks of his latest CD 'One', on Mike Harding's folk programme. A musician who has 'shed loads of talent' (Mike Harding) whilst Lester is also known for producing 'some of the best songwriting in Britain' (Andy Kershaw). Lester is also co-presenter of the informative 'Folkwaves' programme on BBC East Midlands on Monday evenings (between 7 - 9pm). In addition to his continuing work with Coupe Boyes & Simpson with whom he has recorded a number of CD's, he is also performing as a soloist and with a band featuring musicians from his first solo album 'One'.

MARTIN SIMPSON - A guitar player of rare talent! - Originally from Scunthorpe, Martin first came to the attention of the British public when he toured nationally as support to Steeleye Span on their Rocket Cottage tour in 1976. Described then as 'folk's current boy wonder .... justifying almost every ecstatic claim made about him .... (Melody Maker), Martin had recently released his debut album 'Golden Vanity' which mixed trad. & contemporary songs, all played with a style that has become Martin's trademark over the years, he has worked with June Tabor, The Albion Band & more recently The Steve Miller Band in the States where he now resides. Martin is equally at home playing folk orientated songs or acoustic blues, his 1995 CD 'Smoke & Mirrors' is an excellent tribute to his blues roots, the album also features Ronnie Earl on sympathetic electric guitar. Martin has recently released a new album, 'Bootleg USA' featuring a collection of live recordings from concerts across the USA between May 98 & May 99, of audiences requests, featuring such favourites as 'Boots Of Spanish Leather', 'Strange Affair', 'Icarus' & many more. The CD is only available at gigs or by mail order from Terry Oliver, Trentside, Amcotts, Scunthorpe, N. Lincs. DN17 4AX - priced £12.99 incl p&p. Visit Martin's websites at

Watershed Arts


Martin Simpson (under construction)

CHRIS SMITHER - (updated Feb 2003) Chris is an American singer/songwriter and an amazingly talented acoustic blues guitarist. He last toured in the uk three years ago and was featured on "Later" with Jools Holland. He's played with and had songs covered by some of the legends of American rock/blues music including Dr John, Bonnie Raitt, Lowel George, Joan Baez, BB King, etc etc....... Chris is in the uk for one week only so this is a rare event, His tour takes him from Woodstock usa to the prestigious Boderline club in London on April 17th. For more info visit the Chris Smither website.

STEELEYE SPAN - This year sees the 30th anniversary tour by this folk rock band who popularised this music genre during the mid 70's. Despite personnel changes over the years, the band remain at the top of the folk rock tree. The 1999 line up features original vocalist Gay Woods, who also plays bodrhan, long time Steeleye members fiddle player Peter Knight, & guitarist Bob Johnson & Tim Harries (bass & keyboards).

ISLA ST CLAIR - Widely known for her TV appearances, she has won the accolade of 'Best Female TV Personality'. 'The Song & The Story' her series about folk music won the coveted Prix Jeunesse award for the best light entertainment show on European TV. Yet perhaps many would be surprised that Isla began her career singing in local folk clubs, at the age of 10! She has gone on to sing all over the world, including concerts in Los Angeles & in a Moscow Football Stadium. Her albums have received the acclaim of critics world wide, including her latest album 'Scenes of Scotland' for which The Scotsman rated her as 'the best exponent of Scottish songs'. Its a mark of her love of the music that she sings, that this famous personality can still be found performing in small clubs such as the ones that she first sung in, indeed 'An Evening With Isla St Clair' is one that is both memorable & can be enjoyed by everyone!

STRAWBS - Originally formed in the late 60's by Dave Cousins, whose inimitable vocal style has been a constant trademark of the Strawbs sound down through the years. A classic rock band, they celebrated their 30th anniversary at Chiswick House in 1998, following that concert Dave Lambert who originally joined the Strawbs in the early 70's became a full time member of the band again. Another musician to rejoin the band in the late 90's was John Ford, renowned for his dynamic bass work, & of course co-writing perhaps the band's best known song (to the layman!) 'Part Of The Union'. John now lives in America, touring as both a solo artist, as a duo & with bands. Alongside John, Richard Hudson on drums & percussion lays down the vibrant rhythms to The Strawbs evocative melodies. The band's powerful & distinctive sound is enhanced by the guitar work of Brian Willoughby who originally joined the band in 1979, & together with Dave Lambert forms a potent double lead guitar sound. Another important aspect of The Strawbs work is the keyboard work of Blue Weaver, who had the difficult task of filling the gap left when Rick Wakeman left the band to join Yes. Blue left following the 1973 split, but returned to the fold in 1983 when the band appeared at the Cambridge Festival. Since then Blue has toured whenever possible with the band. Unfortunately he had to drop out half way through the 2000 tour, his place being filled by none other than Rick's son, Adam Wakeman! (Round & Round we go!). The 2000 tour found the band re-introducing some different songs back into their set, their live performances continue to be memorable affairs, & their loyal fanbase shows no signs of letting the band drift off to an early retirement (fortunately!) - For the latest news about the band & tour details check out the excellent StrawbsWeb.

KARL SVARK - Lincoln based singer / songwriter & acoustic guitarist, whose original music contains elements of folk & blues. Karl releases his new CD 'Running Water' the follow up to his debut CD 'Kickin' Up A Stone', in Spring 2001. The CD launch takes place in Lincoln on 28th April, Karl's band features Sean South-fretless bass, Ralph Spencer-percussion, Corrine O'Sullivan-backing vocals & son Nick Svarc on guitar. For further information visit the Karl Svarc Web site. A review of Karl's CD 'Running Water' can be found on Fizgig CD Reviews page. Karl's CD's are distributed by New Day Records, they can also be purchased from Seasalter Sounds. He will be recording his third CD later in 2002.

JOHN SYKES / MARK CAMPBELL - Double bill featuring local performers, John plays guitar & squeezebox & sings songs. Many of these are original, & written about Lincolnshire, including 'Tail End Charlie' (a song about a tail gunner in a WW2 bomber). John is also a member of the ever popular Old Parrot Band. Mark Campbell is an excellent guitarist & singer from Grimsby with a wealth of dubious jokes!

SYZEWELL GAP (added May 2003) Immensely popular local band Syzewell Gap immensely popular in Suffolk, are one of the acts on the inaugral Mini Fest Folk Roots day in June 2003. They present two ceilidh workshops as well as concert perfromances. Syzewell Gap are a four piece band that uses a unique blend of traditional and modern instruments, producing a style that appeals to all tastes in roots music. They receive fantastic reviews from all who hear them.

SZAPORA - Roots band who transport their audiences to Eastern Europe with their fiery mixture of Hungarian csardas, Russian & Ukrainian folk songs, dances from Romania and Bulgaria & Moldavian horas & doinas, played on a variety of instruments including violin, mandolin, mandocello, Portuguese guitar and accordion. These combined with the voices of Mirella & Tea Hodzic create evocative images of Budapest cafes and gypsy campfires. Full of passion and energy, with rhythms as intoxicating as alcohol!

JUNE TABOR - June is often referred to as the leading voice in British folk music, her singing & song interpretation has earnt admiration far beyond the folk & roots world however. She came to the attention of the music world, as a partner to Maddy Prior on the 'Silly Sisters' LP in 1976, followed by several solo ablums & a 10 year musical collaboration with guitarist Martin Simpson. Her range & versatility are incredible - she has sung songs by Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, Ewan McColl, Cole Porter & even The Velvet Underground, amongst many others! Surprisingly, it wasn't until 1988 that June became a full time musician! Most recently she has appeared in the county with the June Tabor Trio, joined by Huw Warren (piano) & Mark Emerson (violin). Haunting, powerful, understated, passionate & deeply moving are all adjectives that apply to June's work!

TAM LIN - Back on the Road Again! Traditional music is enjoying a resurgence of interest, and one of the purest exponents of the genre is Tam Lin. Since forming in 1999 the band have toured extensively, and recently released their 2nd CD, 'Back on the Road Again'. Performing music and songs from all over the British Isles on flute, whistles, violin, guitar & bodhran and a cappella, their sound is diverse & unique; they are unmistakably Tam Lin. Sav Malbaski:Like all the band members Sav has a mixed musical heritage; with an English musician for a mother and a Serbian musician father he took an interest in the subject from an early age attaining grade 8 distinction on both flute & clarinet in just three years of study from the age of 11! Sav earned his folk spurs with 'Windward' and currently also leads a three-piece band, Drake's drum. Sav has toured extensively in Europe, Geneva is his favourite city. 'He is a very fine flautist indeed!' Besides flute, Sav also plays whistles and guitar, he also sings lead and harmony vocals. A fine writer, two of his recent compositions appear on ' Back on the Road Again'.James McGee:James has family roots in Ireland & Scotland, and he grew up in a musical family in the south of England surrounded by diverse genres from classical to Scottish traditional dance music. A music scholar at an early age he moved into gypsy/jazz after gaining his degree. He has subsequently re-discovered traditional music and moves effortlessly between genres. James has toured widely playing in most of Europe and in the Caribbean. 'He is undoubtedly one of the most promising young violinists emerging on the folk circuit. 'Alan Hewson:Alan spent his childhood in the north east of England in an environment dominated by fishing, shipyards and coalmines. With Scots, Irish and Northumbrian ancestry, the echo of all those traditions run in his veins. From an early age he loved the traditional music of the northeast. On moving south, he discovered and flirted with rock 'n' roll and country music before taking to the folk clubs in the late 1970's as an unaccompanied singer. A rock drummer as a young teenager he moved onto honky-tonk in his chemistry teacher's pub from the age of 15, whilst also playing snare drum in the Boys Brigade. Alan is the founder of Tam Lin and is the principal lead vocalist. 'He has a strong and pleasing voice and he plays percussion with genuine panache.'To book Tam Lin call Alan at Mad Nanny MusicTel:01462 438373

TANGLEFOOT - Info from Blaxton Live promoter Andy - "There are already 100 tickets gone for the very first concert, the finest 5 piece I've seen in my 6 years of promoting concerts. The band are called Tanglefoot (from Canada) they all play, they all sing, and have more energy than Drax power station. Just talk to someone who's seen them." - we'd agree with that description after seeing them perform earlier in the year- they are indeed excellent! A 5 piece band from Canada have great stage presence, a rip-roaring sound, exciting & dynamic vocals, tight & professional instrumentals & a superb mix of material including many self penned songs, topped of with a lively sense of humour. They began their career as a 3 piece in the early 80's, playing traditional Canadian folk music. Their sound evolved over the years, encompassing many influences, the current line-up dates from 1996 & features original member Joe Grant (fiddle), Steve Ritchie, who joined in 1988 (guitar / lead vocals), Al Parrish (double bass & vocals - since 1994) & Rob Ritchie (piano / vocals / songwriter) & Terry Young (mandolin, harmonica & vocals) who both joined in 1996. The band first toured the UK in 1998, their 3rd tour finds them a huge mainstage act at festivals, yet there is opportunity to see them in intimate settings too. They take their name from a Canadian strong home brew (there's a Tanglefoot brew in the UK too - perhaps you will even be able to drink Tanglefoot whilst watching Tanglefoot at the Eagle in Boston! - The band also appear at the Workhouse Folk & Blues Club where they will be assured of a full house!

TARRAS - An exciting new 5 piece band from the Scottish borders featuring cittern, fiddle, accordion, mandolin, guitars, bass & drums. They play traditional English & Celtic music laced with experimental arrangements. They released their debut album earlier this year.

BRAM TAYLOR - Bram is an entertaining artist with a distinctive voice and a relaxed stage presence, well established on the British folk circuit, Bram also regularly performs at festivals and he has toured USA. He has a large repertoire of songs, both traditional and contemporary, as well as some humorous material and is adept at selecting just the right songs to please his audiences, Bram's material drawn from six excellent albums, including his latest offering 'Fragile Peace' draws his audiences into the mood of the evening, singing along to, laughing from his infectious humour or even shedding an occasional tear in the more poignant numbers making it a memorable evening. For more info visit the Oscar Music Agency website.

THE THOUGHT GANG - Formerly Whiskey Before Breakfast, T.G. have changed from playing the barely traditional to the entirely untraditional! Tonight sees the offical launch of their 1999 album - 'Monsters from The Id' Album. Tel 01223 248970 or see The Thought Gang's website.

TRUFFLEFOOT - 'Melty and delicate' this 7 piece band play a fusion of jazz, funk, blues and world roots music with a modernist feel. Their sets are a mix of rhythmic swing tunes that will inexorably towards the dance floor, original songs performed in great style by Corrine and Tim, and some covers. Corrine also plays sax & keyboards, alongside Jim (drums - who also performs with Akmed's Camel) and Rob (bass) are the band's driving rhythm 'machine', whilst Sean (guitars / bass / vocals), Bob (keyboards) and Rick (fiddle / vocals) lay down the river of melodies that run through Trufflefoot's music. The band are a blend of youth and experience, most members being in their 20's, their music having a wide appeal. Trufflefoot play mainly in clubs, travelling as far afield as London to perform - their is however a rare opportunity to see the band performing at a venue closer to home on Good Friday.

KAREN TWEED & IAN CARR - Karen & Ian must be amongst the busiest folk musicians in Britain, performing in a variety of guises with Swap, The Two Duos Quartet as well as on their own. Karen is also a member of all girl folk band The Poozies. Their unique, highly idiosyncratic interpretation of tunes has caught many music lovers' ears, Karen fluid piano accordion & Ian's superb guitar create an amazing musical experience. Fresh from FestNoz the duo appear at the Trinity Arts Centre in July 2000.

TWO DUOS QUARTET - Four of folk's most influential young soloists combine to create the outstanding quartet of British traditional music scene. Each member is a composer, arranger & inspired interpreter of this truly British music. Chris Wood (fiddle, guitar & voice), Andy Cutting (button accordion) have worked previously as a duo, as have Karen Tweed (piano accordion) & Ian Carr (guitar) - they first teamed up in the Kathryn Tickell Band, Ian is still a member of that band, whilst Karen is a member of all girl band The Poozies. Together the Two Duos Quartet offer a musical feast of modern traditional music, played with great style.

KATHRYN TICKELL / KATHRYN TICKELL BAND - Stunning young performer fronts her own band, her magical Northumbrian piping & fiddle playing & engaging stage presence, make Kathryn one of the most popular performers on the folk circuit. A competition winner at the age of just 13, Kathryn has gone on to release 8 albums, perform with Sting & Jimmy Nail, and appeared on radio & TV.

She performs both solo gigs or is accompanied by her talented band which includes guitarist Ian Carr in its line up.

GORDON TYRRALL - You expect traditional songs and ballads from this well respected performer on the national folk circuit, but you might not expect the odd rock'n'roll number, all underpinned by Gordon's excellent guitar playing! His Irish, English & French tunes played on the flute will satisfy both singers & musicians. Gordon has previously worked with the hot Celtic band Dab Hand, replacing Jez Lowe when he left the highly rated but relatively short lived outfit in 1984. Following the departure of Tom McConville in 1987, Gordon and Tom Napper continued for a short while before Gordon left to continue a solo career. As well as solo performances, Gordon also tours as a duo with Brian Peters. For further info Click Here.

MICHAEL VIETCH - American singer songwriter & guitarist who broke into the big time in 1994 when he had a sell out tour with Shawn Colvin & he even got invited to the White House to meet Bill Clinton.

VITAL SPARK ~ WEST MALVERN GALLERY CHOIR - Malvern-based choir, Vital Spark, have just released a CD of West Gallery Christmas music that was banished from churches by the Victorians. John Williams, a founder of the choir in 1992 commented, 'We've been performing this music for some years now, and have had lots of requests to make a Christmas CD'. The new CD is called 'There were shepherds', and Vital Spark will be performing a selection of this music in a concert at Christ Church, Avenue Rd, Great Malvern, on Friday 7th December 2001 at 8.00pm.'There were shepherds' is brimming with 19 tracks of carols, hymns and anthems from the period 1750-1850. West Gallery music was then ousted from churches by the Victorians and replaced by the organs and choirs that we know today. Vital Spark's renditions are a return to the refreshing, vigorous and earthy music performed by the general public in the time of Thomas Hardy's father and grandfather.'Rejoice Ye Tenants' is typical of music that would have been performed by the Hardys, most likely in the galleries that were erected in the churches to accommodate the musicians and singers, but also on Christmas Eve when they went out carol singing. 'Advent' is in the American 'Sacred Harp' or 'shape note' tradition.Copies of the new Christmas CD can be obtained at the Christchurch concert, or by mail order from Vital Spark, c/o Julia Davies, 6 Eston Avenue, Malvern WR14 2SR, price £11 (inc. P&P), or from Malvern Hills Gallery, 1 Worcester Rd, Great Malvern.For further information on Vital Spark, West Gallery music or the Christmas concert at Christchurch in Great Malvern, visit the Vital Spark website, which will be on-line shortly. Or you can contact Diana Hannah on (01905) 371268, email

LOUDON WAINWRIGHT - Once touted as the new Bob Dylan, Loudon released his debut album in 1969, this singer songwriter has also appeared in a number of films, TV series & on stage. A performer of engaging wit & writer of admirable & unflinching autobiographical songs, he appears at The Palace with special guest Martha Wainwright.

EDDIE WALKER - Eddie has been guesting at folk clubs & festivals for the last 35 years, touring the length & breadth of UK as well as Europe, Hong Kong & New Zealand. Eddie is known for his dynamic style of acoustic guitar picking. He covers a wide range of material, including old country blues in the style of Mississippi John Hurt, ragtime guitar a la Rev. Gary Davis, Hillbilly country & bluegrass from Jimmie Rodgers & Doc. Watson & great contemporary folk songs from the likes of John Prine & Steve Goodman, his all time favourite player. His live repertoire includes songs such as the Irish classic 'Raglan Road', John Prine's 'Speed of the Sound of Loneliness' & 'Unwed Feathers', there's 'Black & White Rag' by Winifred Atwell, alongside the great Bessie Smith's classic 'Moaners Blues'. Eddie also write his own songs, such as 'Stolen My Heart Away' & 'On The Line'. His latest CD 'Mind To Ramble' is available at gigs, or by post (£13.99), Email Eddie for details & his latest gig list. He also has a back catalogue of recordings made during his 20 year career, including 'Everyday Man', 'Castle Cafe', 'Picking My Way' & the definitive 'Red Shoes On My Feet' which are currently available on tape (£7.99 incl. p&p). He also has a track featured on 'A Full Head Of Steam', a CD celebrating the 175th Anniversary of the Stockton to Darlington Railway in 2000. This CD features tracks by many of the leading performers on the North East Folk scene. A concert by Eddie is available on a video, 'Live At The Albert Hole!' (£12.99 incl. p&p).

DAVE WEBBER & ANNI FENTIMAN (Feb 2003) - Dave & Anni perform old & new songs in traditional style. Dave is also a songwriter of note including 'My Lady Of Autumn'. "Its a magical experience whenever these two fine singers put their voices together (Warwick Festival organiser). For more info visit Dave & Anni's website.

MIKE WEST (added May 2003) Mike West rips on a banjo and sings songs that hit close, sometimes too close, to home. His eighth CD, "New South"(Binky/Squirrel Records), takes a tour through the new Confederacy. Roaring up from the Gulf coast to the Ozark mountains in a truck with no muffler, West tells stories against a backdrop of busted refrigerators and stripped down muscle cars. With a quick wit and fast fingers, he rolls together humour, politics, love, loss and foot stomping music. Mike lives in New Orleans, where he plays the French Quarter clubs from sunset to sun-up. But the skinny troubadour also shows up on stages in Holland, England and Australia. He gigs three hundred nights a year across three continents, performing at festivals, schools and bars from Chicago to Wagga Wagga. Exceptional song writing and musicianship have earned him accolades including The Big Easy Entertainment Award for "Best Country/Folk Artist" and several awards for "Best Album" and "Best Artist" from Off Beat Magazine.

THE WEXFORD SLOBS -The Wexford Slobs are a group made up from staff & pupils at Leicester Grammar School. The band who play lively Celtic and French Canadian music feature a variety of musicians including whistle, accordion, flute, piano, fiddles and guitar players. They also have a brass section with saxophonists & trumpet players including a member of the Youth Jazz Orchestra, which adds a vibrant jazz flavour to the band's sound. The band's name originates from a marshy area near Wexford in Ireland called the Wexford Slobs.

BILL WHALEY & DAVE FLETCHER - Local duo who are great entertainers, they perform mainly traditional songs, backed by accordion, melodeon & even a small harmonium which ingeniously packs away into a small box. Don't expect a night of straight-laced folk music, because Bill & Dave's live performances are full of humour. We are always amazed how Bill keeps a completely straight face whilst everyone else is falling around with laughter, his dour responses lead to even more laughter, yet not a smile cracks his face!

HUW & TONY WILLIAMS - First came to our attention when they supported Fairport Convention at Newark over 2 years ago. Their support set conveyed not only their musical & songwriting ability but their humour. Indeed Simon Nicol leader of Fairport says of Huw he's ' the songwriter that I always wanted to be' . The duo's shows retain the element of surprise, each being a unique event, that is just one of the keys to their success. 'One guitar, one double bass, 2 voices & a thousand songs!' Its a while since Huw & Tony appeared in our area, as they didn't come to the county on their last tour in the Autumn of 1999. We currently only have details of one date by the duo in Lincolnshire this spring on 25th March. Visit Huw & Tony's website / or email them at

WIDE WORLD VOICES - This highly acclaimed a capella woman's choir take you on a journey through the many continents of the world. Share with them some of the original songs written by choir members, for their recently recorded CD.

TIM WILLIAMS - American Blues based singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist. A time served veteran of the circuit who has appeared with BB King, Lightning Hopkins, Taj Mahal, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy & more ...

ROBIN WILLIAMSON - Former member of the Incredible String Band with whom he appeared at The Woodstock Festival. After the ISB split in the 70's, Robin went to Los Angeles for a time, returning to form The Merry Band. Since then most of his work has been as a solo performer, but triumphantly he teamed up with former ISB member Clive Palmer in 1999. Dubbed a '20th Century Bard', Robin weaves stories & tales of the depths of Celtic tradition, with music on traditional harp & guitar, bringing together ancient & modern, Celtic, rock & poetic influences in a magical live performance.

TONY WILSON - A powerful & sensitive singer, Tony plays banjo, guitar & mandola, & is an incredibly versatile & entertaining performer of both traditional & contemporary material, his Geordie humour adding to the evenings entertainment. A full time musician since 1977, well known to Lincolnshire folk audiences, Tony often acted as a compare at Revesby Folk Festivals, as well as performing on the bill. He released the CD 'Each Picture Spoken' to critical acclaim in 1999, '... with no frills or embellishments the material stands up just fine on its own terms ..... the whole CD is characterised by Tony's thoughtfulness & sense of enjoyment ..... a fine CD & veritable bargain - get it while you can.' (Rock & Reel Magazine). The CD priced £9 (P& P) is available from 27, Julian Street, South Shields, NE33 2EP or from gigs.

KATE WITNEY- 'From the Wolds to the Caucasus...' a musical journey from Lincolnshire to Armenia by way of Scotland, Ireland, France and North America. Kate Witney's programme displays the power and variety of the unaccompanied solo voice. There are haunting ballads, tender love songs, heartfelt protests, as well as Shaker songs and African American spirituals.

KATE WITNEY / ROBERT FOSTER - A fireside evening of traditional & baroque music for lute & voice to celebrate winter & Chritmas. Kate is a noted performer of unaccompanied traditional song, she has performed throughout the UK & Europe. Her most recent CD release 'Songs For My Supper' (which Fizgig reviewed when it was released on cassette some years back) has receieved excellent reviews. Robert accompanies Kate on lute for some songs, one of Britain's most senstive interpreters of Renaissance & Baroque music, he has worked as a soloist with many leading ensembles, including the Nash eensemble & the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. There will be mulled wine & mince pies adding to the Christmas Cheer for the duo's 'Rejoice & Be Merry' concert on 11 Dec. For further information about Kate you can visit at Fol-de-rol website, or email her at

BOB WOOD - Combine meastro-musicianship on the guitar, fine and haunting voice, and a repertoire packed with gems from the writing of such masters as Robbie Burns, Richard Thompson and Steve Tilston, and you have a typical performance by Bob.

ROSEMARY WOODS - Irish artist, Rosemary's performances have graced many festivals in Europe & she has built up a dedicated following in Ireland, Scotland, Wales & Germany. She recently enchanted a spellbound audience at New York's Lincoln Centre when she sang at The Roots Of American Music Festival. Very much an emerging singer / songwriting star, who already has 3 CD's to her name. The quiet conviction of her art emerges from her voice with a thrilling spirituality which is hard to define, few singers anywhere convey so much passion with so little fuss.

THE NEW JOHN WRIGHT BAND - The original trio split at the end of 2001, with Kenny Spiers forming a new band with Judy Dinning & Joe Wright, the fiddle player from Norfolk who joined the John Wright trio in 2001 following the departure of Stewart Hardy. John meanwhile is forming a new bigger band with a vocally powerful line-up that looks set to set the British and European Folk circuit alight! Fronted by vocalist John himself, the band's line-up features Tommy Roseburgh (keyboards), Tony Gibbons (cittern / vocals - ex Garva),Tai Wyskowski (guitar / vocals - ex Deacon Blue & Bonnie Raitt's UK touring band), & Maartin Allcock (fretless bass, mandolin, bazouki & vocals). Look out for further annoucements in the Spring of 2002.

JOHN WRIGHT BAND - Trio who feature guitarist & vocalist Kenny Spiers, Stewart Hardy's dazzling & uplifting fiddle playing, & John Wright whose powerful & compelling voice brings a breath of fresh air to the 90's acoustic / folk scene. Though playing mostly on the folk scene the band's music falls into a contemporary acoustic style, that will appeal to everyone with an ear to listen. Further details re gigs visit Oscar Folk Music website.

RUTH WYAND - Guitarist, singer/songwriter Ruth Wyand draws on American roots music to frame her lyrical gift and demonstrate her strengths as an accomplished guitarist, songwriter and vocalist. As an Americana artist she weaves traditional and contemporary folk, blues, swing and traditional country into a colorfully rhythmic musical quilt. Ruth plays all over the world on a variety of stages from book stores to festival stages with acts such as Little Feat, Dr. John, Ellis Paul, Les Sampou and John Hammond to coffeehouses and folk festivals to the streets of Paris. She was selected as a People's Choice Award winner 1998 by The Philadelphia Folk Factory, she is the president of The Garden State Songwriter's Association and has written, produced and played on several folk, country and blues artist's CD's in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Nashville. The first thing that strikes the listener is her powerful guitar playing. Her finger style technique with a variety of tunings alone is a whole show but then she switches gears and moves into a smokin' swing or a low down slide. Her vocal accompaniment is at once languid and athletic and the songs she writes reflect her humorous personality and compassionate nature. Ruth Wyand's musical integrity stands out. She is a true original. The variety she offers in her shows will fascinate American roots music lovers worldwide. Ruth released a self produced CD 'Distant Drums' in 2001, for more info visit the Ruth Wyand website.


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