Updated Aug 2015


With a background of experience almost unequalled since the 60's this blues/rock trio merged back in 1989 joining Tony McPhee as part of the legendary progressive blues outfit The Groundhogs, forming of various versions of the 'Hogs for the next ten years or so and featuring in several albums and touring throughout UK and Europe over many years.

The trio are Alan Fish (bass), Eric Chipulina (guitar) and Peter Correa (drums).

From the 70's when they were supporting acts such as David Bowie, the Kinks, The Who, Beatles and Stones in the far east it is now coming up to nearly two & a half decades on the road.

From the very beginning, Egypt has built up a reputation as a hard working live band and have never stopped gigging for more than a few weeks at a time since then. There are no plans to change this in the near future. Gigs are constantly being booked throughout the UK and abroad with gigs in France, Germany, Spain and other places with more planned for the future.

Alan's credentials also include playing with members of Welsh heavy rock pioneers Budgie, two albums for ex-Bo Diddley harp player Billy Boy Arnold, and a European tour for Chuck Berry among other things.

Their music is sourced from different genres, past projects, etc and the result is an eclectic mixture of progressive rock and older styles along with several other things including 70s pop rock and North African and Andalusian influences, hence the name Egypt.

This band certainly stretches the boundaries and has been described as "heavy blues rock at it's best" and "the loudest, yet most wonderful blues-rock band you could come across."