Added Mar 2014


7-piece New Orleans Jazz band Easy Riders play regularly at Louth Jazz Club.

Peter Jones hails from Sleaford to blow his own trumpet in the original New Orleans style and sing some of the melodies. Colin Gordon of Grimsby, is a master of disguise on the trombone. Listen out for his humourous weaving of different tunes in his solos. Derek Gray is the clarinettist extraordinaire, from the Deep South ( Norfolk), blending the brass section into a wonderful ensemble. Frank Baker says he's 104, fought in the First World War, and is known as a lively, interesting pianist and inveterate liar. Chris Butt is a Spilsby lad now, and normally plays an electronic double bass. Graham Penn will regale you on his rhythmic bass, when he normally plays throbbing banjo – what talent! Bill Threapleton is also from Grimsby, and creates a rock-solid beat on the drums and mellifluous vocals.