Added Sep 2005


Dead Men Walking - 'Right to Party' 2005 tour

Dead Men Walking will take to the road again with new member Captain Sensible (The Damned) who will join existing members Slim Jim Phantom (The Stray Cats), Mike Peters (The Alarm), and Kirk Brandon (Spear Of Destiny).

Four artists from some of the most influential bands of our time and individually, they can lay claim to having played a part in creating some of the finest songs of a generation. A combined chart rating of over forty UK Top 30 singles, 20 million record sales worldwide and over twenty Top 20 UK Hit albums - almost as many hits as The Beatles and Elvis Presley combined!!!

Dead Men Walking will be taking to the road throughout September / October 2005 for a massive 28 date UK/Ireland tour. Live and dangerous and presenting what for many will be the soundtrack of a generation, Dead Men Walking began out of a loose bond between friends and musicians whose aim is to perform familiar songs in a new and dramatic setting. Stripping the songs back to basics is what this tour is all about. Lyrics and melodies, voice and guitars. All the colours of rock and roll performed by artists who are as influential today as they were yesterday.

Captain Sensible of The Damned, where at the forefront of the UK punk movement in the mid-late 1970's and they were the first punk band to release both a single 'New Rose' in 1976 and album. Captain embarked on a solo career in 1982 and had a hit single with 'Glad It's All Over'. The Damned continue to tour today and are working on new material which will lead into next year's 30th anniversary celebrations of The Damned's first single release.

Kirk Brandon, who is responsible for writing all the seminal Spear Of Destiny songs like 'Never Take Me Alive', 'Liberator' and 'Mickey', is still as pioneering an artist as he ever was, having just recorded a new studio Album "Loadestone". Brandon has recently worked with filmmaker Simon Neville on this project.

Mike Peters of The Alarm who at various times throughout his music career

has sung duets with Bob Dylan, Neil Young and U2's Bono is the Welsh member of Dead Men Walking. Mike Peters and The Alarm pioneered the use of acoustic guitars back in the early eighties helping to create what is now known as the electro-acoustic sound of today; the sound behind such memorable Alarm hits as '68 Guns', 'Rain In The Summertime', 'Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?' and 'Absolute Reality'. The Alarm "In The Poppyfields" spawned two hit UK singles including the controversial "45RPM" which broke into the chart at no.28 with the help of an elaborate rouse, which is still the talk of the music industry - just ask Mike ?

Slim Jim Phantom who has just finished a month of sold out European dates brings his unique stand-up style of drumming to Dead Men Walking. Phantom, who co-wrote some of the Stray Cats best known tracks like 'Runaway Boys' and 'Rumble In Brighton' with guitarist Brian Setzer, has recently made records with r'n'r legend Jerry Lee Lewis and Motorhead's Lemmy. Slim Jim's connection with the various members of Dead Men Walking began when The Stray Cats came to London during the early1980's. In fact, Mike Peters' then band Seventeen supported The Stray Cats on their first ever 'Runaway Boys UK Tour'. They have all remained friends ever since.

All four members of Dead Men Walking have individually carved their names into the pages of rock and roll history, a collective history that represents the soundtrack for a generation.