Added Oct 2006


Essex based band DARWYN, have made such an impact since forming just one year ago that they have already received funding from The Arts Council of England.

The band have received a grant under the Arts Council Escalator Scheme which will go towards funding more studio time to remix their first album "When You Wake ". It will also help Darwyn with a forthcoming regional tour, publicity and management support.

Darwyn was formed last year by friends, Matt Cardle, Guitar and Vocals, Richard Grace, Piano and Alistair McMillan, Drums. All highly accomplished musicians in their own right, they have combined to produce an original and powerful sound in the Acoustic Rock genre.

All their material is original and they have impressed crowds this summer playing venues in London, Cambridge and Ipswich and are developing an enthusiastic local and regional following.

"We are delighted to receive recognition from the Arts Council at such an early stage of our development" said Alistair McMillan the band's drummer. " I think the secret of our success so far is a lot of hard work in rehearsal before we took the band on the road, it has paid off" Alistair commented.

Darwyn have created their own website with downloads of some of their tracks and live performances, photographs and even merchandising. They can also be found on MySpace and the NME website.

They will be performing locally soon before returning to the recording studio at Highbarn near Dunmow.

Contact: Alistair McMillan for further information Tel: 01787 319369