Added Apr 2005


Dangerous Breed powerful live sound draws its influences from British rock and metal music of the past 40 years. Crunching riff work, twin lead guitars and driving rhythms coupled with strong melodies overlaid by Mike Freeland's distinctive vocals. The band aim to combine the best of the old school with a modern edge.

Mike worked with 80's rock band Axon IV. A songwriter too, under the wings of Jon Hiseman (Colosseum drummer) he wrote and recorded many songs as well as working with artists such as 'The Cutting Crew', the late Brian Connelly from the 'Sweet', NWBHM band 'Prayin Mantis' and members of 'Paul DiAnno's Killers'. He later fronted NWOBHM band More after their reformation in the late 90's working with them until sadly founder member Kenny Cox was incapiated by multiple strokes. Mike's vocals having been likened to those of Sammy Hagar, Robert Plant, Bruce Dickinson, Brian Johnson and Dio.

Bassist Baz Nicholls first joined More in 1982 and later was instrumental in reforming the NWOBHM band in 1995. He began his career playing in the Big Wheel Soul Band, who later went on [without Baz] to become the Big Stampede, backing band for Carl (Kung Fu) Douglas. Baz meanwhile turned his hand to the blues with the Clark-Hutchinson Blues Band before joining More.

Guitarist Paul Johnson had played alongside Barry in other bands. He has worked extensively on the London circuit, including The Marquee Club and Borderline, and many southern venues with bands such as Nightfall who also featured Dangerous Breed's other guitarist Paul (Sticky) Stickles in their line up. The two Paul's had first played together in a band called Scavenger. Nightfall had a recording contract with a Canadian label, but split in the mid 90's. Paul Stickles began playing guitar at a young age, taking lessons from Strawbs guitarist Dave Lambert.

In the 80's drummer Colin Codd worked with dance/rock band Mr President, performing at many of London's classic live venues including the London Hippodrome, Mean Fiddler and Borderline before the band spilt. Colin then played, for a while with Nightfall before leaving due to other commitments. He has also played bass with a prog rock band Cell and played with covers bands whilst undertaking a 4 year music degree. He then joined the others in Dangerous Breed.

As you can see ''Dangerous Breed has been a long time in the making and began with Paul Johnson and myself. We were determined from the outset to get every aspect correct and after some exhaustive auditioning we finally chose people with whom we had previously worked and that we could trust. This is fast becoming an excellent band so come and see us.'' [Barry (Baz) Nicholls - Bass]

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