Updated Nov 2013


Brian performing in Boston Market Place on a very cold day in May 2012

Brian was a true Yellowbelly from Lincolnshire. Over the years he gathered a fine collection of traditional songs from the county. Many of these have been collected from the old folk of Lincolnshire who recalled the days that are now considered as 'history'. As well as the songs Brian collected some of the anecdotes and stories that these wonderful old characters recounted to him and some of the history of Lincolnshire.

Brian himself was well known throughout the county, both on the folk scene and on the WI circuit! As well as unaccompanied song, Brian played piano accordion. Though he had a wealth of songs, Brian was rarely recorded, though thankfully some songs performed by Brian were featured on a CDs featuring Lincoln artists, the Yellowbellies CDs and a Scottish collection! He also became better known outside his home county, after performing at major festivals such as Sidmouth and Whitby.

Sadly Brian passed away on 22nd Nov 2013 following a heart attack at a folk event in Scunthorpe on 9th Nov.

[youtube clip of Brian performing in Boston May 2012]