Added Nov 2004


Bram is an entertaining artist with a distinctive voice and a relaxed stage presence, well established on the British folk circuit. He also regularly appears at festivals and has toured the USA.

He has a natural ability to quickly draw his audiences into the mood of the evening, singing along to, laughing from his infectious humour or even shedding an occasional tear in the more poignant numbers making for a memorable night.

"He has a nice expressive voice, and plays guitar & concertina better than many, has an ear for a good song and has a good line in pleasing arrangements .... the folk scene would be much poorer without stalwarts like Taylor" (FRoots Nov 2004)

He has a large repertoire of songs, both traditional and contemporary, as well as some humorous material and is adept at selecting just the right songs to please his audiences. Bram's material is drawn from a number of excellent albums, including his latest offering 'The Night Is Young'. His repertoire ranges from traditional, acapella to near pop - all with an 'easy on the ear' quality that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

For more info visit Bram's website