Updated Feb 2012


Blowzabella produce an inimitable, driving drone-based sound played with a fabulous sense of melody, rhythmic expertise and sheer feeling. They have played everywhere from the main stage at Glastonbury Festival to the outer reaches of Brazil and West Africa. They compose their own music which is influenced by British and European traditional dance music.

Including 'BBC's Folk Musician of the Year 2011' Andy Cutting- diatonic button accordion. Jo Freya - clarinet, saxophones. Paul James - bagpipes, saxophones. Gregory Jolivet - hurdy-gurdy. Dave Shepherd - violin. Barn Stradling - bass guitar. Jon Swayne - bagpipes, saxophones.

"If ever a band were overdue a lifetime achievement award it is Blowzabella. Not only have they written a stack of what have become standard tunes in sessions on both sides of the channel, but they have also been largely responsible for reviving English Bagpipes and hurdy-gurdy, instruments that played a foundational role in traditional music."

Andrew Letcher **** review. SONGLINES.

"Blowzabella deliver that rare beast - a live album that somehow manages to capture the rampaging spirit of musical freedom that first marked them apart from all other bands and has never been replicated since."

Colin Irwin. fROOTS.

Visit: www.blowzabella.com for more info