Updated Apr 2004


Blista are a Boston based band who have been together for a number of years, a favourite at the Axe & Cleaver, the Indian Queen and loads of other local venues in Boston, Spalding, Horncastle and beyond.

You may have gathered from that last paragraph that Blista are from the ORIGINAL Boston, in Lincolnshire, England - not the other less well known one, in Mass O' Chew Sets. Splitters.

The band made their first appearance this year at Boston's fantastic Party in The Park, where they played to over 7000 people, without the aid of safety nets.

On vocals they have Dave Motley, a superb vocalist who will try any type of music. Guitars are played by the brothers Blakey: Maf & Nick, who will try any kind of alcohol. Being brothers they have been playing guitar together for over 20 years. This gives them an understanding of each others sound that can only be appreciated live.

On bass and vocals Mark Blackburn adds his own style to everything, but insists on changing his equipment at the drop of a hat, so STAY AWAKE. The band's newest member is drummer Mark Hall, a great drummer with brilliant timing and cymbals, who completes the line up and gives Blista another edge. So the band are a pentagon...

Blista play a mixture of styles all with their own branding all over them. Each gig they play has its own tailor made set list to suit the type of crowd the band find there, this is possible because of the diverse bands Blista cover ~ everyone from The Damned, The Foo Fighters to Aerosmith, Blondie and more recent bands like Electric 6 and The Hives. They have added some new covers from the Red Hot Chillis, The Strokes and Kings Of Leon as well as some older material from the Small Faces and T-Rex.

The band are still working on some of their own tunes and will begin to sneak them in amongst some covers to gauge the reaction they get so keep listening. For bookings use the link to our email address which is bookings@blista.biz or you can ring our mobile on 07947 257315

Blista are playing at the 2004 Party In The Park (Boston UK) and Sticky Rock 2004, they would love to do some bike rallies and other festivals, having enjoyed playing at Skegstock, and Party In the Park.

Details of the band's gigs will be posted on Blista's website at www.blista.biz . For information of gigs in the Lincolnshire area check out Fizgig