Updated Nov 2003


Hailing from Prince Edward Island of the East coast of Canada, these descendants of the Acadian people are a tiny remnant of the first European settlers who were cruelly expelled from Canada in the mid 1700's by the British, small communities could not or would not leave the swamps & forests - these small surviving communities The Baraschois maintain their unique traditions & culture - which has survived until today!

Capturing the joy of music & dance in songs & tunes passed down from generation to generation. Barachois, who were formed in 1994, specialise in music & stepdancing, mixed with a good dollop of humour.

Their musicianship & excitment of the band's live performances are renowned, described as a "marvellous, high energy, heart warming show reflecting the remote rural community from which they come, Barachois took the UK summer festivals by storm in 1999".

Following numerous highly successful tours of the UK following those astounding early gigs, this unique band close their European account at Louth on Dec 8 2003. Five days later in their hometown on Prince Edward Island, Barachois play their final ever gig!

The Louth concert is their final European appearance. It is not to be missed. Those that saw them on the Village Hall tour last year or at Beverley in the summer will need no encouragement.

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The heartbeat of Barachois' music is what one writer calls the 'bedevilled rhythms' inherent in the tunes and the voice an energetic fiddle with a driving fiddle foundation.

Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre, Victoria Rd., Louth, Lincolnshire.

Box Office 01507 600 350 open Mon - Sat 10am - 1pm ~ Tickets £12.00 (under 16s £9.00)