Updated Jan 2005


New protagonists of old metal, the theft of the crown from rock and rollers The Darkness is being committed by Bacchus. Everything you ever loved about rock music is right here in the heads of Jamie, Harry, Lance, Matt and Ed.

Borne out of sheer eccentricity and sharing a love of plumbing and alcohol, the band aren't exactly new to the pressures of fame. Harry, Lance and Jamie were formerly of the splendid Ska-tastic Evil Samaritans: a band which remain in the memories for the delightful live cover of the Spice Girl's "Wannabe". Education and girls forced the Evil Smaritans into an unconfirmed hiatus and a Saturday afternoon jam with guitar virtuoso Matt Watson conceived the then nameless Bacchus.

Like the roman god they enjoy alcohol and hair-metal in unequal amounts and unlike the wine swigging deity, they don't lip-synch. So from Whitesnake to Frank Zappa: no artist is safe from their Python-esque covers. Brilliant artists they may be, insane they most certainly are. They are currently the record industry ones to watch, why not see 'em first before they smite the top 40?

2006 News

Newark's Bacchus is a growing band. The popularity that this band has received in the last few months of performing has catapulted them into the eyes of major recording labels. Deemed as "The best guitarist I have seen in 10 years" by top London management, Bacchus are led by the awesome abilities of Matt Watson who has recently toured with Sarah Jory and is currently being primed to take the mantle of such instrumentalists as Satriani and Vai. Along with Matt, the band play as yet a colourful repertoire of memorable covers and upstanding melodies that will remind you of how great rock was and hopefully how it will be again. Only into their 7th gig, the band has a huge following throughout the region and has secured a tour of Germany to coincide with the forthcoming football championship. So whether you are in Newark or Germany, Bacchus will be making a noise this year. Standby!

Bacchus appear at The Sawmill in Newark on Sunday 22 January onstage at 8.30pm. Entry is FREE!

Bacchus appear at The Famous Axe and Cleaver in Boston on Tuesday 24 January onstage at 8.30pm. Entry is FREE and there is a coach available.

For more information visit the Bacchus website at: http://www.myspace.com/bacchusrocks