Updated Oct 2009


Lincolnshire ceilidh / folk band

Emerged from Thunderbox Festival Band who made dymanic appearance at the 1997 East Kirkby Festival. Their unusual name was derived from a dance tune written by a Welsh musician.

The band featured Mark Addison (bass & acoustic guitar), Phil Biggs (guitar / flute & vocals), Kim Biggs (accordion), Liam Robinson (diatonic accordeon / harmonium), Jim Young (drums) & dance caller Tim Cook.

The band played on the national festival circuit & released their debut CD of mostly original songs & tunes, including the popular dance 'The Boston Flyer' (derived by Tim) in 1998.

Original drummer Ian Tait left the band, to concentrate on his work with blues band The Buzz in 1999, Jim Young made his debut at the 1999 Bardney Festival.

Unfortunately Tim had to give up 'calling' dances in 2003 due to ill health and shortly after the band announced some members were merging with Bog Rat to become Byard's Leap in Sep 2004, Tim Cook sadly died on Sep 25th 2004.

Following Chris Petz departure from Byard's Leap in 2009, Jim Young took over the drummers seat and with 4 members of the final line-up of Akmed's Camel (Mark, Phil, Kim and Jim) together again in Autumn 2009, it was decided the time was right for the band to reform - now with dance caller Lesley Prue who also adds percussion and Colin on sound and lighting.

For more info visit the Akmed's Camel website.

Note: Mark and Phil also play in the trio Better Late Than Naked with John Blanks.